Electrical Wiring System


Electrical Wiring System

  • Is an Electrical Installation of cabling and associated with electrical wiring devices, equipment such as switches, panel boards, convenience outlet, and light outlets in a structure.

Electrical Wiring System is composed of the following:

1. Service 

  • Service Drop and Service Lateral.

2. Service Equipment(s)

  • Circuit Breakers, Switch(es), Fuse(s), and other accessories.
3. Feeder
  • Conductors between Service Equipment, Branch Circuit Overcurrent Devices and Other Power Supply.
4. Branch Circuit
  • Conductors between Overcurrent Devices and the Load Side Circuit.
5. Grounded Conductors
  • A system or circuit conductor that is intentionally grounded and connected to earth or to some conducting body that serves in place of the earth. Usually identified as green in color. 
Those are the necessary parts of an Electrical Wiring System to work properly.


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