Electrician Tools

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Tolsen 30007 Folding Utility Knife 61×19 mm Blade

TOLSEN Locking Pliers Vise Grip Round (10″)

Tolsen 41PCS Bit and Ratchet Socket Set w/ Quick Change T-Handle

Tolsen Diagonal Cutting Pliers (6″ | 7.5″) Dipped Non Slip Handle

Tolsen 250pcs Zinc Plated Truss Head Self Drilling Metal Screw (4.2mm x 1/2″ | 3/8″ | 3/4″| 1″ | 1-1/4″)

Tolsen 100pcs Tox Nylon Wall Plug w/ Stopper (5×25 | 6×30 | 8×40 | 10x50mm) Ribbed Design

Tolsen Stubby Adjustable Wrench w/ Metric and Inches Scale (6.5″)

Tolsen 14Pcs Quick Release Reversible Ratchet w/ Socket Set (1/4″ Drive) 15150 Industrial Series

Tolsen 2pcs Screwdriver Set (PH2x100mm | 6.5x100mm) Anti Slip Function

Tolsen Sledge Hammer (2lbs | 4lbs | 6lbs | 8lbs | 10lbs) GriPro Series Fiberglass Handle

TOLSEN Industrial High Leverage Side Cutting Pliers (9.5″)

Tolsen SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits TCT X-TIP Double Flute (Ø6 to 25mm | L110 to 450mm) Industrial Grade

Tolsen Heavy Duty Double Open End Spanner Wrench

Tolsen 12pcs Combination Spanners Set (Inches) Industrial Grade

Tolsen 8Pcs Torx T-Handle Star Allen Hex Key Screwdriver Set (T10/T15/T20/T25/T30/T40/T45/T50)

Tolsen 6pcs VDE Insulated Flat Phillips Handle Screwdrivers Set Insulated (3×75, 4×100, 5.5×100; PH1x80, PH2X100; 3X140mm)

Tolsen VDE 1000V Magnetic Philips Screwdriver

Tolsen Hacksaw Frame w/ 1pc Free Blade (300mm, 12″) Aluminium Handle

Tolsen Fiberglass Measuring Tape w/ Metal Ring (20M 30M 50M) ABS Case

Tolsen Industrial 10pcs Double End Screwdriver Bits Set

Tolsen 10pcs Blade Set SK5 (50x19mm)

Tolsen Industrial Grade Deep Socket Wrench 3/8″ Drive (8mm to 19mm)

TOLSEN Heavy Duty Pipes Wrench (8″ | 10″ | 12″ | 14″ | 18″ | 24″ | 36″)

Tolsen Industrial 10pcs Double End Screwdriver Bits Set

Tolsen Chipping Hammer (500g) Steel Hammer Head

Tolsen Reversible Ratchet Extension Bar (1/4″ | 3/8″ | 1/2″ Drive x 2″ | 3″ | 4″ | 5″ | 6″ | 10″)

Tolsen (10pcs) Super Thin Cutting Disc 5″ (125×1.0x22.0mm) 76133 For Grinder

TOLSEN Combination Pliers (6″ 7″ 8″) TPR Handle

Tolsen Titanium Coated Step Drill Bit (4-12 | 4-20 | 4-32mm ×2mm)

Tolsen 3pcs Hex Adaptor Set (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″)

Tolsen 42Pcs Bits and Ratchet Socket Set (1/4″ Drive)

Tolsen Metal Sheet Cutter Aviation Snips Straight (250mm, 10″)

Tolsen Mitre Box with Back Saw Set (300 mm) with Black Rubber Handle

Tolsen 4pcs Screwdriver Set (4x100mm | 6.5x100mm | PH1x100mm | PH2x100mm)

Tolsen 8Pcs Folding Ball Point Allen Hex Key Set (1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm)

Tolsen 6pcs Screw Driver Set Comfortable Grip (Philips and Flat)

Tolsen 6PCS Screwdrivers Set (Philips and Flat Head) Transparent Handle

Tolsen British Type Claw Hammer (25mm | 27mm) GriPro Series Fiberglass Handle

TOLSEN Industrial Grade Long Nose Pliers (6″ 8″) GRIPro Series

Tolsen 5pcs Wood Drill Bits Set (4-100mm)

Tolsen Adjustable Hacksaw Frame (8″ -12″) Steel Handle

Tolsen Spark Plug Socket (3/8″ | 1/2″ Drive x 16 | 21mm)

Tolsen SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits Inches (Ø3/16″ to 3/4″ | L6″ to 12″) Industrial Grade

Tolsen Industrial Flexible Power Handle 1/2″ Drive (15″ | 18″)

Tolsen 9PCS Hand Tools Set w/ Canvas Bag

Tolsen 50pcs Aluminium Open End Blind Rivet (Ø2.4 | 3.2 | 4 | 4.8mm)

Tolsen Aluminium Body Gear Pruning Shear 65mn (200mm 8″)

Tolsen Industrial Grade Cable Cutter (6″ 8″ 10″) Dipped Handle

Tolsen Industrial Measuring Tape Auto Lock (3M 5M 8M 10M) Impact Resistance MID Class 2

Tolsen 2pcs Torx Screwdriver Bit Set (T10 | T15 | T20 | T25 | T27 | T30 | T40 x 50mm) S2 Industrial Steel

Tolsen 50pcs Aluminium Open End Blind Rivet (Ø2.4 | 3.2 | 4 | 4.8mm)

Tolsen GO-THROUGH Stubby Philip Screwdriver (PH2x38mm) Full Metal

Tolsen Heavy Duty Hole Core Bit (50mm | 65mm | 80mm | 100mm) For Concrete, Wall and Masonry

Tolsen 8Pcs Ball Point T-Handle Allen Hex Key Screwdriver Set (H2/H2.5/H3 x 100mm) (H4/H5 x 150mm) (H6/H8/H10 x 200mm)

Tolsen Multi-Purpose Scissor (180mm,7″) Stainless Blade

Tolsen Metal Sheet Cutter Aviation Snips Right (250mm, 10″)

Tolsen 13pcs Reversible Ratchet Handle w/ SAE Socket Set (1/4″ Drive)

Tolsen Hand Saw 65Mn Blade 7TPI (16″ | 18″ | 20″ | 22″)

Tolsen Heavy Duty 17pcs Socket and Bit Set

TOLSEN Heavy Duty G Clamp (3″ | 4″ | 6″ | 8″) Powder Coated Bar

Tolsen 3pcs Magnetic Nut Socket Set (8mm | 10mm | 1/4″ | 5/16″ | 3/8″)

Tolsen 30003 Industrial Snap-Off Blade Utility Knife 18x100mm

Tolsen Industrial Wire Stripping And Crimping Pliers (215mm, 8.5″)

Tolsen Heavy Duty 11pcs Bits Set

TOLSEN Industrial Grade Combination Pliers (6″ 7″ 8″) GRIPro Series

Tolsen 8pcs Hole Saw Pilot Drill Bit Kits for Plywood Drywall Wood Plastic

TOLSEN Industrial Grade Slip Joint Pliers (6″ | 8″ | 10″) Dipped Handle

Tolsen One Piece Forged Claw Hammer (16oz) GRIPro Series Patented

Tolsen 5pcs Industrial Jigsaw Blades Set For Wood (Quick | Fast Straight | Curve Cutting) High Carbon Steel

Tolsen Heavy Duty Adjustable Wrench (6″ | 8″ | 10″ | 12″ | 15″ | 18″) Cr-V Finish

Tolsen 2pcs Philip Screwdriver Bit Set (PH 1 | PH2 | PH3 x 50mm) S2 Industrial Steel

Tolsen Cloth Duct Tape (48mm x 25M 48mm x 50M) High Tensile Strength

Tolsen Industrial Grade Angle Grinder 4″ (760 Watts)

Tolsen Industrial Stainless Straight Pruning Shear (200mm 8″) PVC Grips

TOLSEN Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers (6″ 7″)

Tolsen 10pcs Industrial Double End Screwdriver Bits Set (PH2/PH2x65mm) with Magnet

Tolsen Screwdriver Bit Holder w/ Quick Release (1/4″ 60mm) Industrial Grade

Tolsen 2pcs Universal Wrench (9-32mm)

Tolsen 10pcs Stainless Steel Blade Refill Set (9x80mm)

TOLSEN Locking Pliers Vise Grip Long Nose (9″)

Tolsen Dual Function Utility Knife w/ Auto Lock and Retractable (SK2)

Tolsen 2pcs Screwdriver Set (PH2x100mm 6.5x100mm) GriPro

Tolsen 5pcs Masonry Drill Bits Set (4mm – 10mm)

Tolsen EXCLUSIVE Angle Grinder w/ 10pcs FREE Cutting Disc (760W) Copper Motor

TOLSEN Heavy Duty Long Nose Pliers (6″ 8″) TPR Handle

Tolsen Mini Spirit Leveler w/ Magnet (22.5cm, 9″) Industrial Grade

Tolsen Retractable Utility Knife (61x19mm) Aluminium Body Box Cutter

Tolsen Industrial Hand Riveter (10.5″) Aluminum Body

Tolsen 10PCS Hex Key Set On Ring Allen Wrench (1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,5.5,6,8,10mm)

Tolsen Heavy Duty Utility Knife Fixed Blade Cutter (61×19 mm) Aluminum Body

Tolsen Phillips Screwdriver (PH0 x 75mm | PH1 PH2 x 100mm | PH2 PH3 x 150mm) GriPro Series

Tolsen Mini Claw Hammer (8oz) Fiberglass Handle GRIPRO

Tolsen Claw Hammer (8oz | 16oz | 20oz) GriPro Series Fiberglass Handle

TOLSEN Waterpump Pliers (10″)

Tolsen 3pcs Plier Set (Combination, Long Nose, Cutting Pliers) 10400 TPR Handle

Tolsen 2pcs Hacksaw HSS Bi-Metal Steel Blade Refill (12″x1/2″x24T)

Tolsen Measuring Tape w/ Nylon Coated Blade (3M | 5M | 8M | 10M) Industrial TPR Handle

TOLSEN 3pcs Mini Plier Set (4.5″) 10038 Combination,Long Nose and Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Tolsen High Leverage Combination Pliers (9-1/2″)

Tolsen 9PCS Torx Long Arm Allen Hex Key Set (T10/T15/T20/T25/T27/T30/T40/T45/T50)

Tolsen Industrial Snap-off Blade Cutter Knife (18x100mm) with 3pcs Blades Refill

Tolsen 10pcs Reciprocating Saw Blade Set (6 | 10 | 18 TPI) For Wood and Metal Cutting

Tolsen 16pcs Drill Bit Set (2mm to 10mm) Wall, Wood and Steel Drill

Tolsen Automatic Wire Stripper

Tolsen 14pcs Bits and Sockets Set (English and Metric) 77817 Cr-V Steel

Tolsen 7 in 1 Ratchet Screwdriver (Philip and Flat)

Tolsen Industrial 5pcs Screw Extractor Set For Small Screw (Size:1# , 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#)

Tolsen 15pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Set (Phillips and Flat) For Drill

Tolsen 6PCS Precision Screwdriver (Metal)

Tolsen Folding Utility Knife Quick Release w/ 5pcs Blade (61x19mm) Box Cutter

Tolsen Industrial Adjustable Wrench (6″ | 8″ | 10″ | 12″) GRIPro Series

Tolsen 10pcs Hacksaw Carbon Steel Blade (12″x1/2″x24T)

Tolsen Heavy Duty Steel Hand Riveter (10″) PVC Handle

Tolsen 10pcs Electrical Tape 9meters x 19mm (Black Red White) PVC Tape

Tolsen 2 in 1 Interchangable Screwdriver Set (Philip and Flat)

Tolsen Cloth Duct Tape (48mm x 25M 48mm x 50M) High Tensile Strength

Tolsen Screwdriver Magnetizer and Demagnetizer

TOLSEN Locking Pliers Vise Grip Round (10″)

Tolsen 36PCS Allen Hex Key Set (Inches and Metric) Black Finish

Tolsen 13PCS Ball Point Long Arm Allen Hex Key Set (Inches) Black Finish

Tolsen 10pcs Stainless Steel Blade Refill Set w/ Plastic Box (18x100mm)

Tolsen Household Scissors w/ Stainless Blade (200mm, 8″) Soft Grip Handle

Tolsen 10pcs Stainless Steel Blade Refill Set For SK5 (61x19mm)

Ingco DMD031002M 4″ Turbo Diamond Disc Wet And Dry (1 PC ONLY)

INGCO Steel Measuring Tape Measure with Metric and Inch SUPER SELECT HSMT39519 | HSMT39316 | HSMT39825 HTSS

POWERHOUSE Metal Steel Self Shielding Flux Cored Wire Cable for MIG MIGWELD Gasless Welding Machine 0.9mm E71T-GS Tools and Accessories PWTA

INGCO Spirit Level Leveling Tool HSL58040 – 40CM | HSL58060 – 60CM SUPER SELECT HTSS

TOLSEN Locking Pliers Vise Grip Round (10″)

Tolsen 13PCS Ball Point Long Arm Allen Hex Key Set (Inches) Black Finish

Ingco IHKSPA0801 8pcs Combination Spanner Wrench Set 6-19mm

Tolsen Industrial Impact Drill Hammer Variable Speed (650W) FX Series

Mitsushi Rechargeable Cordless Drill Driver Kit with LED Light 3/16/48PCS Tool Set Foldable Lithium Battery Electric Screwdriver

Mitsushi MDLT60W 220V Electric Soldering Iron Kit

Mitsushi MIT-NHR4 (2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8m) 4 Nozzles Hand Riveter

INGCO HKSD1058 10pcs Screwdriver and Precision Screwdriver Set CR-V SUPER SELECT IHTSS

2pcs Screwdriver Set Flat Screwdriver and Phillip Screwdriver

[BUY COMBO TAKE 20PCS FREE] INGCO Electric Angle Grinder 750W and Impact Drill 680W COMBO PACK +FREE 10PCS 1/8″ DBT11001083 METAL DRILL BITS, 10PCS ABRASIVE METAL CUTTING DISC AG70012 + ID68016P IPT

Mitsushi MDC2926A 1050W 220V Rotary Hammer Drill Hammer chipping gun demolition jack hammer(With 5pcs Drill Bits)

[BEST SELLER] INGCO AB4018 2 IN 1 Electric Dust Aspirator Vacuum Blower 400W with 1pc Dust Bag

Mitsushi MDHJ 200/250/300/350/400A with Digital Display IGBT Technology Inverter Welding Machine Send Free welding Machine accessories Welding Tools welding machine portable sale

Mitsushi 600W/650W 220V Industrial High Quality and Professional Angle Grinder/Power Tools/mitsushi angle grinder on sale low price(Free gifts)

[BEST SELLER] INGCO ID68016P Impact Drill 13mm with Hammer and Variable Speed Function 680W SUPER SELECT +FREE 10PCS 1/8″ DBT11001083 DRILL BITS [AOD] IPT

Mitsushi 12V Double Speed Li-ion Battery with LED Power Indicator Rechargeable Cordless Drill Driver with Accessories Kit Set

[BEST SELLER] INGCO Electric Angle Grinder M10 4″ AG750162 750W with Free Disc | AG70012-1 700W No Disc SUPER SELECT

Heat gun blower heavy duty sealer plastic With Nozzle ORIGINAL portable hot air heat gun 2 Wind Speed heater blower gun

Angle grinder heavy duty original 4″ 800W with Disc cordless industrial power toolsgrinders

Ingco HPET1103 PVC Insulating Electrical Tape 0.13mmx18mmx9.5m (1 PC ONLY)

INGCO 20V Lithium-Ion Cordless Soldering Iron UNIT ONLY POWERSHARE

INGCO 6pcs Precision Screwdriver Set

INGCO L-Angled Socket Wrench 8mm HWL0808 | 11mm HWL1108 | 12mm HWL1208 | 13mm HWL1308 | 14mm HWL1408 | 17mm HWL1708 | 19mm HWL1908 SOLD PER PIECE

INGCO 2PCS/SET Carbon Brush Replacement Part for Angle Polisher [SOLD PER PAIR]

INGCO Industrial Utility Knife / Pocket Knife with 6pcs SK5 Blade 19mm x 61mm

INGCO 26pcs Screwdriver Set (7pcs Slotted , 11pcs Phillips , 6pcs Torx , 2pcs Square Screwdriver)

INGCO Handsaw Hand Saw Lagari 18″/450mm 7TPI for Wood Working Carpentry Tool

INGCO Wedge Anchor Zinc Plated Finish M6x55mm HWWA0605511 | M8x80mm

INGCO 800A Electrode Holder for INGCO MMA welder (below 630A) , Welding Use

INGCO HTSNK0110 3PCS Aviation Snip Set Stainless Steel

INGCO 5″ G Clamp Cast Iron

INGCO Rabbit Pliers 8″ HRP02200 | 9″ HRP02230 | 10″ HRP02250 SOLD PER PIECE

INGCO 1/2″ Extension Bar 5″

INGCO Ball Pein Ball-Peen Ballpein Hammer 16oz SUPER SELECT

INGCO 9″ Kitchen Multi-Function Scissors 225mm

INGCO Combination Pliers 6″/160mm CR-V TPR

INGCO 1/2inch Universal Joint

INGCO Combination Pliers 8″

INGCO Twisted Knot Metal Wire Cup Brush 4″ M10 x 1.5mm

INGCO 100W Electric Soldering Iron

INGCO Manual Vernier Caliper 0-150mm Carbon Steel, Metric Measuring Tool

INGCO Insulated Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers 7″

INGCO Bent Head Circlip Pliers / Internal Circlip Plier 7″

INGCO 1/2″ Industrial Insulated Hexagonal Socket 10mm | 12mm | 13mm | 14mm | 16mm | 17mm | 19mm

INGCO 32mm Hole Saw with HSS M3 Bi-Metal Material

INGCO 8pcs Screwdriver Set (4pcs Flat, 4pcs Phillips Screwdriver)

INGCO LED Flashlight 250 Lumens 160M 3AAA Alkaline Battery Flash Light

INGCO Microfiber Mechanic Gloves

INGCO Insulated Long Nose Pliers 8″

INGCO Chuck with Key 10MM

INGCO 3pcs Countersink Drill Bit Set HSS 1/4″

INGCO Foldable Multi-Function Swiss Knife Tool with Pouch bag

INGCO Drywall Taping Knife SOLD PER PIECE

INGCO Mini Hacksaw Hack Saw Frame 6″

INGCO 64mm Hole Saw with HSS M3 Bi-Metal Material

INGCO Industrial Drywall Wall Board Wallboard Saw 6″ for Cutting Drywall and Sheetrock

INGCO Hacksaw Hack Saw Frame with Blade 12″/300mm

INGCO 6-in-1 Screwdriver Set

INGCO Cut Resistance, Abrasion, Tear and Puncture Resistance Rubber Gloves with PU Coated Palm

INGCO Insulated High Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers 6″

INGCO SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bit Single Flute 310mm SOLD PER PIECE

INGCO Industrial Folding Pruning Saw Hand Pruner Wood Cutter 7″

INGCO Metal Scraper Aluminum Handle 310mm

INGCO 12″ Long Straight Aviation Snip

INGCO Ball Point Hex Key Set CR-V Material

INGCO 1/2” Drive Sliding T- Bar CR-V

INGCO Industrial Diagonal Cutting Pliers 7″ with CR-V Material

INGCO 7PCS Wire Brush Set Wire Cup Brush Set 1/4″ Shank Crimped Brush Set Finishing Tools Cup Wire Wheels Brush Set Drill Bit Iron Wire Metal Polishing

INGCO Angle Corner Speed Square Ruler with Level Bar 7″ (150mm)

INGCO Double Socket Ratchet Wrench 17x19mm | 17x21mm | 19x21mm SOLD PER PIECE

INGCO Curved Jaw Locking Plier Vise Grip 10″

INGCO 5pcs SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits Set

INGCO Corded High Temperature Hot Glue Gun Ø11.2mm

INGCO Sledge Hammer 3Lbs with Fiberglass Handle

INGCO High Leverage Combination Pliers 9.5″

INGCO 6″ G Clamp Cast Iron

INGCO Industrial Steel Measuring Tape 10mx25mm with Rubber Cover BLACK

INGCO 1/2″ Drive Flexible Power Handle

INGCO 10pcs Impact Screwdriver Bits Set

INGCO PVC Cutter 3-42mm with Automatic Opening Mode SUPER SELECT

INGCO Fiberglass Wheel Measuring Tape 30m x 12.5mm

INGCO Self Drilling Screw Truss Head ST4.2x32mm SOLD PER BOTTLE

INGCO Heavy Duty Shell Anchor Yellow Zinc Plated Finish



INGCO 13-in-1 Ratchet Screwdriver Set CR-V, Folding Handle

INGCO Industrial Insulated Bent Nose Pliers 8″

INGCO High Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers 6″

INGCO 12pcs Flexible Shaft Screwdriver Set

INGCO 500mm Bending Bar Tool

INGCO 100pcs White Nylon Cable Ties Set 300mm

INGCO Cable Stripping Knife 200mm Stainless Steel Blade

INGCO 11pcs Concrete and Hammer Drill Bits Set

INGCO 9pcs Torx Key Set

INGCO 18pcs Screwdriver Set

Ingco HKSD1028 10pcs Screwdriver Set

INGCO Industrial Slip Joint Pliers 8″/200mm Black Finish and Polish

INGCO Straight Head Circlip Pliers

INGCO Hand Riveter Aluminum Steel

Ingco GG258 Electric Hot Melt Glue Gun 25W with 4pcs Glue Sticks for Electronics and DIY Works IPT

Ingco HPW0818 Industrial Plumber Pipe Wrench Plumbing Tool 18″

Irwin Straight Jaw Locking Plier

Irwin Self-Adj 8″ Wire Stripper 10-24 AWG

Irwin Adjustable Wrench 250mm 10 inches

Irwin TDT105 Diamond Wheel Turbo Disc Type – Power Tools Accessories (4″)

Irwin Metal TCT AL Circular Saw Blade 300mm x 96T

Bernzomatic BZ8250HT Trigger-Start Hose Torch

Irwin Hand Riveter

Irwin Vise Grip 7WR

Irwin Bolt Cutter 18″

Irwin Vise-Grip Lineman’s Pliers 9-1/2″

Irwin Quick Change 12-Inch One Handed Bar Clamps/Spreaders

IRWIN VISE-GRIP 2078300 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper, 8″

Irwin Claw Hammer Wood Handle

IRWIN GRANITE DRILL BIT 1/2| 1/4| 1/8| 3/16| 3/8| 5/16| 5/32|

Irwin Vise Grip 7 Original 2x Long life

Irwin Masonry Drill Bit Chrome Vanadium Shaft

Irwin Hex Allen Key Set Short 10pcs

Irwin 1 Set Screw Driver 6pcs Heavy duty

Irwin Claw Hammer Fiber Glass Handle

Irwin Xpert Tenon Saw 13″

Vise Grip Straight Jaw Locking Pliers

Hoyoma Multi-Purpose Ladder

Hoyoma Socket Set 21pieces 6 Points 3/4″ Drive Socket Wrench Set High Quality hand tools Ratchet and Socket set 21 pieces 6 points 3/4 Drive Socket Wrench Heavy Duty – HT-DS3421-6

Hoyoma combination drill bit set 204pcs set HT-CDB204P

Hoyoma Deep Socket Set 1/2 Drive 22 Pieces Set 6 Points Heavy Duty High quality hand Tools Ratchet and Socket Set Hand Tools Set 1/2 Drive Deep Socket Set 22pcs with 6 Points heavy Duty Hand Tools – HT-DS1222

Hoyoma Deep Socket 1/4 Drive Socket Set 46Pcs/Set Durable Socket Set Hand Tool 46pcs Tools set 1/4 drive socket 6 points Strong and Capable high Hardness 1/4 Drive Socket Set – HT-DS1446

Hoyoma Safety Harness Full/BM/H

Hoyoma Japan Authentic V-Tye Helmet Heavy Duty and High Quality Protective Helmet Protective Equipment Head Protection Construction Helmet Equipment Protection – Blue HT-VTH-B4

Hoyoma Pneumatic Nail Gun HT-PNGST64

Hoyoma Electric Wrench PTIW2410 Heavy Duty Electric Impact Wrench Corded Wrench Impact Wrench best use for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts Heavy Duty and Durable Electric Impact Wrench – PTIW2410

Hoyoma concrete D/BIT 5/32″(10PC/PK) HT-CDB532

Hoyoma Japan Angle Grinder Electric Corded Angle Grinder 750w 100mm Best use for Cutting , Grinding, deburring Finishing and Polishing- HT-AG750

Hoyoma Japan Heavy Duty Original Impact Drill 680W Power Drill Power Tool Tools HT-ID680 Best use for Concrete and Cement Drilling

Hoyoma Japan Cutting Wheel 1 PC #100×1.0 HT-CW41.0

Hoyoma Socket Set 1/2 Drive 26 piece Set 12points w/ Vise Grip Heavy Duty Hand Tools Ratcher and Socket Set 1/2 Drive Socket 26pcs set 12 points with Vise Grip Durable Hand Tools – HT-DS1226-12

Hoyoma Socket Set 1/2 Drive 17pcs set 12pts 1/2 Drive Impact Socket High Quality Durable Hand Tool set Strong and Capable high Hardness Socket Set 1/2 Drive – HT-DS1217-12

Hoyoma Japan Variable Speed Impact Hammer Drill 1000w 16mm Impact Drill – HT-ID1000 Best use for Drilling in Wood, Metal and Soft stone Types

Hoyoma Japan Auhthentic V-Type Helmet Heavy Duty and High Quality Protective Helmet Protective Equipment Head Protection Construction Helmet Equipment Protection – Yellow HT-VTH-Y2

Hoyoma Raise/P Comb/Wrench 14pcs/set HT-RPCW14S

Hoyoma 5PCS/SET Magnetic Nut Setter Tex Screw Adaptor 8x65mm

Hoyoma Japan Auhthentic V-Type Helmet Heavy Duty and High Quality Protective Helmet Protective Equipment Head Protection Construction Helmet Equipment Protection – Orange HT-VTH-03

Hoyoma Angle Grinder Heavy Duty Handheld Grinder Angle Grinder Power Tools Power Grinder High Quality and Durable Powertool Angle Grinder – HS-AG100

Irwin TDT105 Diamond Wheel Turbo Disc Type – Power Tools Accessories (4″)

Irwin TDW105 Diamond Wheel Continuous

Irwin Bolt Cutter 18

Irwin 10501867 Masonry Drill Bit – Power Tools Accessories 16mmx160 (5/8″)

Irwin 10501903 Granite Drill Bit 6.5X105 (1/4″)

Irwin TDD105 Diamond Wheel Dry Segmented Disc – Power Tools Accessories (4″)

Irwin10501838 Masonry Bit 8.0X400 (5/16″)

Irwin 10501847 Masonry Drill Bit – Power Tools Accessories 10mmx160 (25/64″)

Irwin 10501855 Masonry Drill Bit – Power Tools Accessories 12.0X330 (15/32″)

Irwin 10501836 Masonry Bit 8.0X200 (5/16″)

Irwin Metal TCT AL Circular Saw Blade 350mm x 84T

Irwin Bolt Cutter 14

Irwin 10501840 Masonry Drill Bit – Power Tools Accessories 8.5X125 (11/32″)

Irwin 10501894 Granite Drill Bit – Power Tools Accessories 3.0X70 (1/8″)

Irwin Vise Grip 7WR

Irwin Vise Grip 10LW Locking Wrench 10in.

Irwin Masonry Bit 10.0X400 (25/64″)

Irwin I-Beam Level 609mm 24″

Dewalt – D25032K-B1: 22mm 2 mode SDS – PLUS hammer

Dewalt -DWD014-B1: Rotary Drill/Mixer

Dewalt – DWA8060: 4 Cutting Disc

Dewalt – DWA4500: 4 Grinding Disc – Metal – 100 x 6.0 x 16mm

Dewalt – DWE8100S-B1: 100mm 720W Slide Switch SAG

Dewalt – D28720-B1: 355mm 2200W Abrasive Chop Saw

Fujiya Rusted screw Removed crushed screw Plier Screw Buster NSP01-150 Grip firmly and remove easily

Fujiya Electrician pliers (with simple crimp) 225mm Mirror finish on the blade makes it outstandingly sharp

Fujiya Tekopen eccentric power pliers slash head

Fujiya Denko VA nipper (straight edge) 175mm VA line optimal blade section mirror finish cutting


Fujiya Standard nipper (spring)

Fujiya Electric Works Power Pliers (with anti-electric grip and simple crimp


Fujiya Mechanic Pliers 330-200 200mm

Fujiya High-Leverage Connector Crimping Side Cutting Pliers 9″ Made in Japan


MADE IN JAPAN ORIGINAL Assorted Pliers Sold Per 1PC Linesman Combination Diagonal Long Nose End Cutting Nippers Slip Groove Joint Water Pump 6″ / 8″ / 9″ Linemans Electrical Hand Tools FUJIYA KLEIN KNIPEX CRESCENT STANLEY INGCO LOTUS TOLSEN HOYOMA FUJIMA

POWERHOUSE Aviaton Snips Right Cutting 10″

POWERHOUSE Powerplus KABAKAL Series 200A Portable Arc MMA Stick DC Inverter Welding Machine MMA200KBKL + Powerhouse Angle Grinder 800W

POWERHOUSE Crosscut Saw with PVC Handle 24″

POWERHOUSE Cut Off Machine Chop Saw 14″ 2200w 3HP Pure Copper + Angle Grinder PHM-AG900 + FREE Tape Measure 3M


POWERHOUSE Demolition Hammer 1300W

POWERHOUSE Demolition Hammer with Anti-Vibration Technology AVT 2000W

POWERHOUSE Masonry SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Bit

POWERHOUSE Aluminum Level

POWERHOUSE ANSI M35 HSS Cobalt Jobber Metal Drill Bit 5/16″ | 3/8″ | 11/64″ | 1/8″ | 7/16″ | 7/64″ | 9/64″

Powerhouse Laser Distance Meter 40M / 80M

Powerhouse Angle Grinder 700W 4in And Impact Drill 720W Combo Set

Klein Tools J2000-9NECRTP Side Cutter Linemans Pliers with Tape Pulling and Wire Crimping, High Leverage, 9-Inch

Klein Tools VDV226-110 Wire Crimper / Wire Cutter / Wire Stripper Pass-Thru Modular All-in-One Tool for Video, Telecom, Datacom

Klein Tools 21051 Large Cable Stripper (2/0-250 MCM) 250 MCM – 2/0 Cable

Klein Tools High-leverage Linemans Pliers 9 Inches Side Cutting Pliers

Klein Tools 8” Long Nose Pliers

Klein Tools 8” High Leverage Diagonal Cutters

IRWIN 2pcs. Screwdriver Philip and Flat

IRWIN Masonry Drill Bit 11mmx160 (7/16″)

Tube Wire Terminal 0.06~6mm²

IRWIN Granite Drill Bit 6.0×100 (15/64″)

IRWIN Vise Grip

IRWIN Long Nose Plier 8″

IRWIN Adjustable Wrench 250mm

IRWIN Philip Screwdriver 6x100mm

IRWIN Linemans Plier 9″

IRWIN Self-Adjust Wire Stripper

IRWIN Tape Measure 8m

IRWIN Hand Riveter

Stanley Lineman’s Plier 8″

Stanley 10pcs. Starter Hand Tools Kit

Stanley Tylon 8m/26′ Measuring Tape

Stanley Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Stanley Screwdriver Tool Set 4pcs.

Stanley Inverter Welding Machine

Stanley Cordless Hammer Drill 18V

Stanley Cordless Compact Drill Driver 12V

Stanley Dynagrip Long Nose Pliers

Stanley Small Angle Grinder 600W

Stanley Rotary Drill 550W

Stanley 3pcs Maxsteel VDE Pliers, tool for wire stripping, crimping, and cutting

Stanley Impact Drill 720W

Stanley Heat Gun 2000W

Stanley Large Angle Grinder 8500RPM 2200W

Stanley Bolt Cutter 30″

Stanley Classic 99 Retracting Knife

Stanley 24pcs. Socket Set 3/8 Drive

Ingco 20″ Plastic Tool Box Organizer with Tray 20kg capacity”

Ingco 3pcs. Pliers Set

Ingco Household Tool Set with 12V Cordless Drill and Case S12 IPT

Ingco Portable Inverter ARC Welding Machine 315A / 350A / 320A +FREE DRILL IPT”

Ingco High Leverage Combination Pliers 9.5″

Ingco Portable Inverter Flux Cord Arc Welding Machine Mig Welder FREE Cordless Drill 12V and Fliptop Welding Goggles

Ingco High Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Ingco High Leverage Combination Pliers 9.5″

Ingco High Leverage Long Nose Pliers

Ingco 16PCS Industrial Insulated Hand Tools Set

Ingco Insulated Long Nose Pliers 8″

Ingco 45pcs. Impact Screwdriver Bits Set

Lotus Inverter Plasma Cutter (PRO) 40A

Lotus Impact Drill with 22pcs DIY Tool Kit

Lotus Rotary Hammer 2KG with Case

Lotus TIG/ARC Inverter Welding Machine 180A

Powerhouse Angle Grinder 700W and Impact Drill 720W Combo Set

Black and Decker Variable Speed Hammer Drill 10mm

Black and Decker Combo Pack: TP555K-B1 10mm 550W Hammer Drill Kitbox and G720 – 100mm 820W Small Angled Grinder

Stanley 24-Pieces 3/8” Drive Socket Set, 6 to 24mm Sockets

Stanley Adjustable Wrench 300mm

Sanwa Digital Multimeter Multitester

Brother Analog Multitester

PeakMeter Digital LCD Multimeter
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