Greenfield Gasoline Generator 6.0KVA Electric AVR 420CC

Greenfield Gasoline Generator 6.0KVA Electric AVR 420CC


  • 6000W Gasoline Generator
  • High Output, 420cc OHV Engine
  • Electric Starting System.
  • Easy to read Fuel Gauge and Volt meter
  • Advanced AVR offers stable electricity.
  • Durable wheels and frame design enables easier carrying.
  • Highly effective large sized muffler for quite and low vibration engine.
  • Extra-large fuel tank
  • Low oil sensor
  • Weight: 67.0kg
  • Warranty type: 1 Year Warranty Policy (Repair only) / 15 days replacement.

Introducing the Greenfield Gasoline Generator 6.0KVA Electric AVR 420CC – Your Reliable Power Companion!

Are you tired of sudden power outages disrupting your daily life or work? Look no further than the Greenfield Gasoline Generator 6.0KVA Electric AVR 420CC, a powerhouse of dependable electricity generation. Whether you need to keep your home running smoothly during blackouts, power essential tools and equipment on a job site, or simply want a reliable backup power source for outdoor adventures, this generator has got you covered.

Key Features:

6000W Gasoline Generator: With a 6.0KVA output, this generator packs enough power to keep your lights on, appliances running, and essential equipment operating smoothly.

High Output, 420cc OHV Engine: The heart of this generator is its robust 420cc OHV engine, delivering high output power while maintaining fuel efficiency.

Electric Starting System: Say goodbye to strenuous manual starts. The electric starting system makes firing up your generator quick and hassle-free.

Fuel Gauge and Volt Meter: Keep an eye on your fuel levels and voltage output with the easy-to-read fuel gauge and volt meter, ensuring you’re always in control.

Advanced AVR for Stable Electricity: The built-in Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) guarantees a stable and consistent flow of electricity, protecting your sensitive electronics from voltage fluctuations.

Durable Wheels and Frame Design: Designed with portability in mind, the sturdy wheels and frame make transportation a breeze, so you can take your power source wherever it’s needed.

Low Noise and Vibration: The highly effective large-sized muffler keeps noise and vibration levels to a minimum, allowing for quieter operation, whether at home or on the job site.

Extra-Large Fuel Tank: The generous fuel tank capacity ensures extended run times, keeping your essential devices powered for longer periods.

Low Oil Sensor: Protect your investment with the low oil sensor, which automatically shuts off the generator when oil levels are too low, preventing engine damage.

Weight: At just 67.0kg, this generator is manageable for transport and storage.

Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our 1-year warranty policy (repair only) and a 15-day replacement guarantee.

Don’t let power outages or remote locations limit your productivity or comfort. Invest in the Greenfield Gasoline Generator 6.0KVA Electric AVR 420CC today and experience uninterrupted power whenever and wherever you need it. Order now and ensure your peace of mind with reliable, high-quality power generation.

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