IIEE Members Portal for New Board Passer/New Member

Are you a new member of IIEE (Integrated Institute of Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc.)? You can access the IIEE membership portal using your smartphone for your convenience.

Visit the website: https://www.iiee.org.ph/

Register or Login to the website.

Note: If you are not yet registered to iiee website please register/sign up as new member and if you already have a registered account you can now login using your username and password.

You can also directly visit the membership login portal website at: https://membership.iiee.org.ph/ee/index.php/login/index
To Register/Sign Up as “New Member” Online Procedure:

New Membership Request

Step 1
Open the browser in your mobile device and go to iiee.org.ph website. In the left corner of website you will see the three little horizontal bar line click it and in the menu please select “Others” and click the “Membership Portal”

For New Member click in the “Register/Signup as a New Member”.

Step 2

In the Application Form fill up the information needed and upload the documents needed then click “Save Changes”. Note: Please remember or save your Username/Email and Password. Your username is your email address registered to iiee.

Step 3

Once your done to fill out the information needed and uploaded the documents needed. Check your email for your login details.

Step 4

Login to your account using your username and password. In your Profile Account click the “three little horizontal bar line in the left corner of the IIEE website” then select “Member Request”. And click “Request Type” then select New Member/New Board Passer and for “COGS/E-COGS” for your Certificate Of Good Standing request and “UID/UNIVERSAL ID” for your IIEE Membership ID Card then click the “+Add Request” to confirm your transaction.

Step 5

Click the pay button. Online Dragonpay then complate purchase. Select payment option and click “I Agree”.
Note: Payment instructions will be sent to you registered email address in the IIEE Portal.


1.Official Receipt will be sent by the Finance Department within 72 hours after payment confirmation.

Note: For New Board Passers Only

2. Kindly check your spam folders for the Official Receipt if not found in your inbox.

3. Kindly complete your PRC details under Navigation, Diploma and PRC for the printing of your ID.


4. IIEE ID will be sent to your mailing address once your PRC details is completed in your IIEE portal.

Note: For New Board Passers Only

5. You may make a follow up after 72 hours. Contact details are found in the IIEE website under Contact Us.

IIEE Members Portal Features
In your Profile Account click the “three little horizontal bar line in the left corner of the IIEE website” for the Menu Options:


Change Chapter
Members Request
CPD Points
Member Payments
Dragon Pay List Member
Election Ballot
In profile you can access your Personal Information, Membership Information and Employment Information where you can access your membership status, change, edit, and update your information.

Change Chapter:
You will see your present iiee chapter and change chapter history, you can request a change of chapter by filling out the request form.
Members Request:
In this menu you can access the request form, request type and your request history. Click Request Type to select the type of request you need.

CPD Points:
In this menu you will see the programs you have attended in the IIEE CPD program and the total cpd units earned.

Member Payments:
List of payments you have made from your transactions.

Dragon Pay List Member:
The list of transactions you have made using dragonpay. Where you can view the type of event’s, request, status, transaction date, and reference number.

Election Ballot:
Where you can view and access the Election e-Ballot and Status of the IIEE Election.

If you are done to your transactions you can now logged out your account. Note: Always remember or save your username and password. Your username is your email address registered to iiee.
You may visit the Frequently Asked Questions at IIEE website in the link below for more info:
Fore more questions and inquiries you may contact the IIEE Membership Department in the link below:
Source: iiee.org.ph
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