Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) Memorandum Circular No. 2001-004 New Electrical Engineering Law (RA 7920) Personnel and Posting Requirement.

Memorandum Circular No. 2001-004

To all Ecozone Developers/Operators and Locator Companies
New Electrical Engineering Law (RA 7920)
Personnel and Posting Requirement

Section  33 of Republic Act 7920, otherwise known as the “New Electrical Engineering Law”, provides that for every electric plant, industrial plant or factory, commercial establishments or institutional buildings, among others, having a connected load of any size and employing voltages of any standard rating, the minimum personnel requirement is one (1)  Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE)/ Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) or one (1) Registered Master Electrician (RME), provided, however, that the additional personnel shall be employed to ensure safe operation, and provided further that when the operation requires more than one (1) shift of personnel every twenty-four (24) hours, the minimum compliment of qualified personnel shall be employed in each shift.

Moreover, Section 36 of said law provides that the owner, manager or person in charge shall post or cause to be posted in a conspicuous place the certificate of registration of the engineers or electricians employed in plants or establishments requiring such engineers/electricians pursuant to the foregoing Section.

All concerned entities in the PEZA Economic Zones are thus hereby advised to immediately comply with all pertinent requirements, particularly the above-mentioned provisions, of R.A.7920, Compliance to the said requirements shall be monitored by the corresponding PEZA Building Official assigned to each Ecozone. Copy of the full text of R.A. 7920 may be requested through the Zone Administrators/Zone Managers. Said law may also be accessed at web address

Please be guided accordingly.

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