Philippine Electrical Code Exam Reviewer Part 10

#1. The ground fault protection system shall be tested when it is _____.

#2. On solar photovoltaic system; ampacity of conductors and overcurrent devices shall not be less than ___ percent of the computed current.

#3. A manufactured wiring system shall have receptacles that are ____. l. uniquely polarized ll. of the locking type lll. GFCI

#4. A separate branch circuit shall supply the ____ receptacles, auxiliary power source, and ventilation on each elevator car.

#5. A nursing home is a building or part thereof used for the lodging, boarding and nursing care, on a 24 - hour basis, of ____ or more persons.

#6. The grounding conductor for communication circuits shall be connected to the _____. l. metallic power raceway ll.service equipment enclosure lll. building electrode system

#7. If the appliance is provided with a single-pole switching device, the attachment plug shall be ___. l. of the grounding type ll. polarized

#8. An appliance (not motor driven) is rated 1200 watts at 120 volts, with no marked nameplate, the branch circuit overcurrent device shall not exceed ___ amps.

#9. Supplementary overcurrent devices shall not be required to be ____.

#10. Which of the following methods is not approved for conductor supports?

#11. Listed equipment protected by a system of double insulation, or its equivalent, shall not be required to be grounded. Where such a system is employed, the equipment shall be ____.

#12. Non -shielded high -voltage cable, shall be installed in ____ conduit encased in not less than 76mm of concrete. l. rigid PVC ll. IMC lll. rigid metal

#13. The earth shall not be considered as an effective ______ path.

#14. A cord connector that is supported by a permanently installed cord pendant shall be considered a (an) _____.

#15. In cellular metal floor raceways all of the following are true except _____. I. splices and taps can be made in junction boxes II. disconnected outlets are removed III. boxes shall be of metal and continuous w/ the raceway IV. the combined cross sectional area f all conductors cannot exceed 50%

#16. Stage cables used in motion picture studios for stage lighting shall be protected by means of overcurrent devices set at not more than ____ of the values given in the appropriate Code table.

#17. Connection of conductors to terminal parts shall ensure a thoroughly good connection without damaging the conductors and shall be made by means of ____. l. splices to flexible leads ll. pressure connectors lll. solder lugs

#18. All electric spa or hot tub water heaters shall be listed and have the heating elements subdivided into loads not exceeding ___ amperes and protected at not more than ___ amperes.

#19. A bare copper conductor can be used in an underground service ____.

#20. All dwelling unit 125v, single - phase 15 and (or) 20 amp receptacles installed in a ____ shall have GFCI protection for personnel. l. bathroom ll. crawl space at or below grade level lll. Bedroom

#21. No ____ other than those specified as required for emergency use, shall be supplied by emergency lighting circuits. l. appliances ll. lamps lll. Fittings

#22. Each receptacle of DC plugging boxes shall be rated at not less than ____ amps.

#23. A storage battery of suitable rating and capacity to supply and maintain at not less than ___ of system voltage the total load of the circuits supplying legally required standby power for a period of at least 1 1/2 hours.

#24. According to the P.E.C, high voltage service-entrance conductors are protected by a circuit breaker if it has ___ the ampacity of the conductor for its trip setting. (Short circuit protection).

#25. Circuits for ____ shall not be connected to any system containing trolley wires with a ground return.

#26. The surge arrester for service less than 1,000 volts connected by copper conductor for grounding electrode conductor of the equivalent grounding terminal shall NOT be smaller than ____.

#27. Each resistance welder shall have overcurrent primary protection set at not more than ____ percent.

#28. A main bonding jumper shall be a ____. l. wire ll. screw lll. bus

#29. A junction box used in a system rated 1000 volts shall have a marking on the box of ____.

#30. No premises wiring, with a grounded conductor, shall be electrically connected to a supply system unless the supply system contains ____.

#31. In a Class I, Division II location a conduit passing through into a non- hazardous location, the sealing fitting shall be permitted ____ boundary

#32. Which of the following must be provided with GFCI?

#33. Capacitor shall be permitted to be protected ____. l. in groups ll. individually

#34. For devices with screw shells, the terminal for the ____ conductor shall be the one connected to the screw shell.

#35. A protective layer which is installed between the floor and type FCC flat conductor cable to protect the cable from physical damage and may or may not be incorporated as an integral part of the cable is the ____.

#36. Where a motor is operating and live parts of the motor controller have over 150 volts to ground and might be exposed to repairmen, what must be done for its safe maintenance?

#37. 3 -way and 4 -way switches shall be so wired that all switching is done in the ____ conductor.

#38. A run of flexible metal conduit may be used as an equipment grounding conductor if the conductors are protected at ____.

#39. Which of the following locations is not permitted for the use of surface raceways?

#40. An area must be classed as a Class II hazardous location if it contains _____.

#41. ____ is a combination consisting of a compressor and motor, both of which are enclosed in the same housing, with no external shaft or shaft seals, the motor operating in the refrigerant. l. motor -compressor ll. hermetic refrigerant motor - compressor lll. air -conditioning equipment

#42. ____ of conductors in rigid non- metallic conduit shall be made only in junction, outlet boxes or conduit bodies.

#43. The construction of metal cabinet and cutout boxes shall be such as to secure strength and rigidity. If constructed of uncoated sheet steel, the metal thickness should NOT be less than

#44. Isolating switches over 600v shall be provided with a means for readily connecting the load side conductors to ground when disconnected from the ____.

#45. For small motors the locked-rotor current shall be assumed to be ___ the full-load current.

#46. What is the maximum time of delay permitted for the GFI to operate where the ground-fault current is 3000 amperes?

#47. Select the correct statement that pertains to a general purpose 15 amp outlet that is installed in a marina. I. it is in violation of the Code II. it shall not be located less than 1,500mm measured horizontally from the water line III. it shall be mounted so that waves will not create a problem IV. it is required by the Code to be protected by GFCI.

#48. When service entrance phase conductors are larger than 1100 kcmil copper, the bonding jumper shall have an area not less than what percent of the area of the largest phase conductor?

#49. When installing a surge arrester at the service of less than 1000 volts, the grounding conductor shall be connected to ____. l. the grounded service conductor ll. the grounding electrode conductor Ill. the ground electrode for the service lV. the equipment ground terminal in the service equipment

#50. When the kind of motor is single- phase AC or DC, and its supply system is 2-wire, single-phase AC or DC, one conductor grounded, the minimum number and the location of overload units, such as trip coils, relays or thermal cutouts shall be ____ conductors.




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