Philippine Electrical Code Exam Reviewer Part 4

#1. ________ is defined as properly localizing a fault condition to restrict outages to the equipment affected, accomplishing by choice of selective fault protective devices.

#2. A unit of an electrical system which is intended to carry but not utilize electric energy would be a _____. I. light bulb II. snap switch III. device IV. receptacle

#3. Service entrance cables, where subject to physical damages, shall be protected in which of the following? I. EMT II. IMC III. rigid metal conduit

#4. Where conductors are adjusted to compensate for voltage drop, equipment grounding conductors, where required, shall be adjusted proportionally according to __________.

#5. Operation at loads, and intervals of time, both of which may be subject to wide variation is the definitions of ______.

#6. When circuit breaker are installed in enclosed switchboards, they are usually derated to a certain percentage. What is this percentage?

#7. ______ plugs driven into holes in masonry, concrete, plaster, or similar materials shall not be used.

#8. Operation at substantially constant load for an indefinitely long time.

#9. Conductors supplying two or more motors shall have an ampacity equal to the sum of the full- load current rating of all the motors plus _____ percent of the highest rated motor in the group.

#10. Location which are hazardous because of the presence of combustible dust.

#11. Which of the following requires a moisture seal at all points of termination?

#12. If the project is extensive and requires more time for checking and for computations of fees, the issuance of the electrical permit need not be issued immediately. However, the delay shall not be longer than how many working days?

#13. For service entrance conductors, the minimum size of copper wires the code allows is _______.

#14. The minimum insulation level for the neutral conductors of solidly grounded systems shall be ______ .

#15. Hoistway is a ________ in which an elevator or dumbwaiter is designed to operate.

#16. Underground cable installed under a building shall be in a ______ that is extended beyond the outside walls of the building.

#17. The maximum number of disconnects the code allows per service grouped in any one location is _____.

#18. Where devices containing disconnecting means are mounted out of reach, suitable means shall be provided to operate the disconnecting means from the floor. Which of the following is permitted?

#19. The ampacity of a 125 mm2 IGS cable is ________ amperes.

#20. _________ boxes shall not be used where conduits or connectors requiring the use of locknuts or bushings are to be connected to the side of the box.

#21. Receptacles mounted on ______ need not be grounded.

#22. For a feeder supplying household cooking equipment and electric clothes dryers the maximum unbalanced load on the neutral conductor shall be considered as ______ of the load on the ungrounded conductors.

#23. Conductor A.W.G. numbers vary _______ to the ampacity.

#24. Raceways on the outside of buildings shall be ______.

#25. ______ switches shall be used for capacitor switching.

#26. Circuits used only for the operation of fire alarm, other protective signaling systems, or the supply to fire pump equipment _________to be connected on the supply side of the service overcurrent device where separately provided with overcurrent protection

#27. Branch circuit conductors supplying a single motor shall have an ampacity not less than ______ percent of the motor full-load current rating.

#28. How would you seal unused ko’s in panels and boxes?

#29. When an outlet is removed from a cellular metal floor raceway, the sections of circuit conductors supplying the outlet shall be ______.

#30. Which of the following is the maximum allowable rating of a permanently connected appliance where the branch overcurrent device is used as the appliance disconnecting means?

#31. No swimming pool lighting fixtures shall be installed for operation on supply circuits over _______ volts between conductors.

#32. Which of the following electrical conductor has the highest resistance

#33. The secondary circuits of wound-rotor AC motors, including conductors, controllers, resistors, etc. shall be considered as protected against overload by the _______.

#34. Which of the following may not be used in damp or wet locations?

#35. Lampholders installed over highly combustible material shall be of the ______ type.

#36. Service conductors between the street main and the first point of connection to the service entrance run underground is known as the service ________.

#37. Dual-voltage motors that have a different locked-rotor kva per horsepower on the two voltages shall be marked with the code letter for the voltage giving the ______ locked-rotor kva per horsepower.

#38. In the schedule of loads for motor circuits, which of the following is NOT included?

#39. EMT installed in a wet location, shall have it s coupling and connectors ________.

#40. In general, switches shall be so wired that all switching is done in the ________ conductor.

#41. A _______ is a protective device for limiting surge voltages by discharging or bypassing surge current, and it also prevents continued flow of follow current while remaining capable of repeating these functions.

#42. Elevator traveling cables for operating ________ circuits shall contain nonmetallic fillers as necessary to maintain concentricity. I. signal II. control

#43. The maximum number of quarter bends in one run of EMT is ________.

#44. Class III locations are those that are hazardous because of ________.

#45. Metal enclosures to protect _______ from physical damages shall not be required to be grounded.

#46. What is the allowable ampacity of THW insulated copper conductor with an area of 8.0 mm2 and exposed to an ambient temperature of 30o C?

#47. Liquidtight flexible conduit shall not be permitted ______.

#48. Type TC power and control cable may be used _________.

#49. A receptacle outlet installed outdoors shall be located so that ______ is not likely to touch the outlet cover or plate.

#50. Conductors for festoon lighting shall be of the _____ type. I. thermoplastic II. rubber covered III. shielded




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