Philippine Electrical Code Exam Reviewer Part 6

#1. How would you seal unused convenience outlet in panels and boxes?

#2. After a new series lighting circuit has been completely installed, but before any lamps are in place, a standard lamp bank is connected across the fuse clips with the fuse out, and the circuit switch is closed. Lamps are then screwed into the sockets of one series, one lamp at a time, starting at the ground end. If there is a ground on any series wire, the lamp bank will light when the

#3. Service cables, where subject to physical damage, shall be protected by any of the following except for.

#4. The normal operating temperatures of cartridge type fuse at its rating;

#5. The one of the following statements about a plug fuse that is most valid is that it should

#6. Medium voltage cable insulation is rated for which of the following:

#7. Building “A” is supplied with 120/240 volt single-phase power from building “B” on the same property “B” is supplied from a three-wire with two ungrounded conductors and one neutral without any metallic water pipe or other metal equipment connections to the building or equipment ground fault protection installed. The neutral conductor must:

#8. Good practice requires that cartridge fuses be removed from their clips by using a fuse puller rather than by using the bare hand. The reason for using the fuse puller is that the

#9. The grounded leg of a lighting circuit is always connected to the shells of the lighting sockets to

#10. A breaker is said to be trip free if

#11. Line and ground connecting conductors shall not be smaller than 2.0 sq mm copper or 3.5 sq mm aluminum. The arrester grounding conductor shall be connected to one of the following except for.

#12. Fluorescent light fixtures supported independently of an outlet box shall meet which of the following requirements:

#13. The minimum number of branch circuits shall be determined from the ________.

#14. The minimum number of branch circuits required for 12 kW range in this same 145 square meter single-family, one-bath dwelling would be which of the following:

#15. A safe practical way of checking the tightness of the wire connection to the fuse clip of a live 120-volt lighting circuit is to

#16. Thirty (30) amperes is one of the five special branch circuits rating with a circuit conductor of

#17. Where conductors are adjusted to compensate for voltage drop, equipment grounding conductors, where required, shall be adjusted proportionally according to __________.

#18. Light fixtures suspended from chains should be wired so that the

#19. Which of the following is the maximum allowable rating of a permanently connected appliance where the branch overcurrent device is used as the appliance disconnecting means?

#20. Conductors on poles shall have a separation of not less than ________ where not placed on racks or brackets.

#21. Photovoltaic system currents are considered to be which of the following:

#22. The conductors connecting to motor controllers and to control devices are required to be:

#23. Provided that the calculation for the neutral for the feeder and service is 14550 VA, then the calculated load for neutral for this same 150 square meter single- family, one-bath dwelling would be which of the following:

#24. At least _____wall switch-controlled lighting outlet shall be installed in every habitable room and bathroom.

#25. In open wire installation, the wires are supported on

#26. Service entrance equipment includes which of the following: I. Panelboards II. Meter enclosures III. Service disconnecting means

#27. A disconnecting means for a controller is also permitted to be the disconnecting means for the motor and driven machine, even where out of sight of the motor and driven machine:

#28. Communication, radio, and television coaxial cables shall be permitted at a height of not less than ______ above swimming and wading pools, diving structures, and observation stands, towers, or platforms.

#29. A copper THHN feeder conductor consists of 40 amperes of continuous load and 35 amperes of non-continuous load, and supplies a load that does not contain any general use receptacles but has three current-carrying conductors in a raceway with terminations rated at 75( degrees C. This means that the minimum standard overcurrent device required for the feeder is which of the following:

#30. Lighting that is required for a hoist pit shall meet which of the following requirements:

#31. The allowable fill of electrical conduits.

#32. The standard ampere ratings for fuses and inverse time circuit breakers are any of the following except for.

#33. The allowable ampacity of 2.0 sq mm THWN copper conductor are rated up to _____________volts.

#34. From the fuse information paragraph it would be reasonable to conclude that fuse clips

#35. What shall be the minimum size of conductor for signage?

#36. Arcing tips are used on air circuit breakers to

#37. The lowest point of the drip loop of a 208/120 volt, 3-phase, 4-wire electrical system shall have a minimum clearance above a pedestrian sidewalk which is no less than which of the following?

#38. The carrying capacity of aluminum wire when compared to a similar size of copper wire, which has the same kind of insulation, is

#39. The isolating switch ________be required where the disconnecting means is mounted on removable truck panels or metal-enclosed switchgear units that cannot be opened unless the circuit is disconnected and that, when removed from the normal operating position, automatically disconnect the circuit breaker or switch from all energized parts.

#40. The code permits the use of only one circuit for small single-family dwelling unit having a floor area of not more than _______ m2 with load not exceeding _________ volt-amperes.

#41. If a cartridge fuse is hot to the touch when you remove it to do some maintenance on the circuit, this most probably indicated that the

#42. If a 480 volt motor has a full-load current of 34 amperes, then the standard disconnecting means must be which of the following:

#43. If one end of a cartridge fuse becomes unusually warm, the first action on the part of the electrician should be to

#44. Single phase loads connected to the load side of a phase converter shall not be connected in which of the following manners:

#45. In house wiring, grounded conductors must not be

#46. Low voltage equipment in a hospital that comes in frequent contact with people’s bodies must be which of the following:

#47. The grounding electrode conductor connection to a driven ground rod shall be which of the following:

#48. According to the Philippine Electric Code, which of the following must be true of wiring installed to meet the minimum Code requirements?

#49. The terminal for the connection of the equipment grounding conductor shall be identified by one of the following except for.

#50. According to PEC restricted access shall be defined as located behind one of the following except for.




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