Philippine Electrical Code Exam Reviewer Part 9

#1. Feeders to floating dwellings must be enclosed within ____ conduit in order to withstand the forces exerted by waves and tides.

#2. Infrared lamps for industrial heating appliances shall have overcurrent protection not exceeding ____ amps.

#3. Where it is impracticable to locate the service head above the point of attachment, the service head location shall be permitted not farther than _____ mm from the point of attachment

#4. Which of the following is not considered an electric vehicle by the Code?

#5. A/an ____ circuit is a circuit in which any spark or thermal effect is incapable of causing ignition of a mixture of flammable or combustible material in air under prescribed test conditions.

#6. In dwelling units, a multi -wire branch circuit supplying more than one device have a means to disconnect simultaneously all ______.

#7. A metal elbow that is installed in an underground installation of rigid nonmetallic conduit and is isolated from possible contact by a minimum cover of _____ mm to any part of the elbow shall not be grounded.

#8. For cables that have elliptical cross section, the cross-sectional area calculation shall be based on using ___ of the ellipse as a circle diameter.

#9. Receptacles rated _____ amperes or less directly connected to aluminum conductors shall be marked CO/ALR.

#10. The secondary circuits of wound- rotor alternating current motors, including ___ shall be permitted to be protected against overload by the motor-overload device.

#11. Outlets for specific appliances such as laundry equipment shall be within ____ mm of the appliance.

#12. Which of the following is not a standard size fuse?

#13. Unused openings in boxes, raceways, and other enclosures shall be _____.

#14. Insulated conductors used in wet locations shall be ____.

#15. Amusement rides shall be maintained not less than ____ mm in any direction from overhead conductors operating at 600 volts or less, except for the supply conductors to the ride.

#16. To prevent the entrance of moisture, service-entrance conductors shall be connected to the service-drop conductor ____. I. below the level of the termination of the service-entrance cable sheath II. below the level of the service head

#17. Wiring over and under navigable water must be approved by the ____.

#18. Where secondary ties are used, an overcurrent device rated or set at not more than ____ percent of the rated secondary current of the transformers shall be provided in the secondary connections of each transformer.

#19. A 20 ampere rated branch circuit with 3.5 mm2 wire supplying a duplex receptacle can be loaded to a maximum of ____ amperes.

#20. Type FCC cable wiring system is designed for installation under ____.

#21. Fixtures shall be securely fastened to ceiling framing member by mechanical means such as l. rivets ll. screws lll. Bolts

#22. Running open wiring on insulators, MI or MC cables, messenger - supported wiring, conductors in raceway, and other approved means on the outdoor building surfaces is permitted for circuits operating at a maximum of ____ volts nominal.

#23. Multi-speed motors shall be marked with the code letter designating the locked-rotor kVA horsepower for the highest speed at which the motor ____.

#24. Type ___ is a single or multi- conductor solid dielectric insulated cable rated 2001 volts or higher.

#25. Service cables mounted in contact with a building shall be supported at intervals not exceeding ___

#26. Only wiring methods recognized as ____ are included in the Code.

#27. Liquidtight flexible metal conduit is shipped in what sizes minimum and maximum?

#28. The phase current in a grounding autotransformer is ____ the neutral current.

#29. Transformers and electronic power supplies shall have secondary current ratings not more than ____ milli-amperes.

#30. Each commercial building and each commercial occupancy accessible to pedestrians shall be provided at an accessible location at each entrance, with at least one ____ for sign or outline lighting system use.

#31. Overcurrent devices shall not be located in the vicinity of easily ignitable material such as in ____.

#32. For non-dwelling units, it is permitted to use a ____ demand factor for that portion of a receptacle load that exceeds 10 kva.

#33. Soft-drawn or medium-drawn copper, lead in conductors for receiving antenna systems shall be permitted where the maximum span between points of support is less than ____ mm.

#34. Where two or more single-phase ranges are supplied by a 3-phase, 4- wire feeder, and the total load shall be computed on the basis of ____ the maximum number connected between any two phases.

#35. The word transformer is intended to mean a ____ transformer, single or poly -phase, identified by a single nameplate, unless otherwise indicated.

#36. The P.E.C. covers ____. l. gas welders ll. DC rectifier arc welder lll. motor-generator arc welders lV. Resistance welders

#37. An enclosure designed either for surface or flush mounting and provided with a frame, mat, or trim in which a swinging door or doors are or may be hung is a ____.

#38. In a closed-loop and programmed power distribution system, the outlets shall be energized only when _____.

#39. Flexible cord shall be considered as protected by a 20 amp branch circuit overcurrent device if the cord is ____.

#40. All disconnect means required by the code, and each service, feeder, and branch circuit at the point where it originates shall be legibly marked ____.

#41. Branch-circuit conductors within 75 mm of ballast, within the ballast compartment shall be recognized for use at temperature not lower than 90 degrees C, such as insulation type’s ________. I. THHN II. THHW III. TW IV. FEP

#42. Electric discharge lighting fixtures having exposed ____ shall be installed that these parts will not be in contact with combustible material. l. live parts ll. ballasts or transformers lll. auxiliary equipment

#43. The temperature limitation of MI cable is based on the ____.

#44. Wading pools are those that are constructed on or above the ground and are capable of holding water to a maximum depth of _____.

#45. Where a single AC conductors carrying current passes through metal with magnetic properties, the inductive effect shall be minimized by ____. I. cutting slots in the metal between the individual holes through which individual conductors pass II. passing all the conductors in the circuit through an insulating wall sufficiently large for all the conductors of the circuit

#46. Non-heating leads of heating cables operating in 230 volt system, shall have a ____ color.

#47. Exposed live parts within porcelain fixtures shall be suitably recessed and located so as to make it improbable that wires will come in contact with them. There shall be a spacing of at least ____ between live parts and the mounting plane of the fixture.

#48. FCC cable can be installed under carpet squares no larger than ____ mm square

#49. Electrical ducts shall include any of the electrical conduits recognized as suitable for use _____.

#50. The alternate source for emergency systems ____ be required to have ground-fault protection of equipment with automatic disconnecting means. l. shall ll. shall not




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