PRC Online Verification

Verifying a Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) License Professional is a best way to know if the person is a Legit and Registered PRC License Holder.

Because  nowadays it is easy for criminals to copy and make fake Identification Cards and use it for their own interest and criminal activities.  Always be aware, ask for PRC ID and verify it on PRC Online Verification Website before you trust them and having business or transaction with them.
To ensure safety always transact or hire a Registered Professionals.
The Professional Regulation Commission have three options in Online Verification.
  1. Verification of Rating
  2. Verification of License (By name)
  3. Verification of License (By License No.)
Verification of Rating
  • Is to know the rating/grades for a licensure examination passer or PRC License Professional that have taken.

To verify a PRC ID License holder Professional you need to visit the PRC online verification website to search the PRC records and confirm the identities of registered professionals.

There are two options
  1. Verification of License (By name)
  2. Verification of License (By License No.)
PRC DISCLAIMER: This verification service is intended solely for the facilitation of online queries and to provide immediate access for the convenience of interested individual and/or group. While the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) believes the information to be reliable, human or mechanical error remains a possibility, as does delay in the posting or updating of the information.
First step 
(Note: This is the only and official website of Professional Regulation Commission about PRC online verification. Always check the website you are visiting.) 
Second Step is to choose which verification process is best and available for you.
You can choose in the two options in verifying the license holder.
  • Verification of License (By name)
  • Verification of License (By License No.)
Verification of License (By name)
  • You can verify them by their name, you just need to enter their Profession (it is indicated in the PRC ID), First Name and Last Name.

Verification of License (By License No.)
  • In this option you need to input their Profession, License No. (Registration No.) and the Birth date of the said PRC ID Holder. 

This online verification process of registered professional is very convenient and reliable.


If you are hiring or in need of PRC Registered Professionals Services,
  • Always ask for PRC ID and Verify it in the PRC Online Verification Website for safe business transaction.
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