Registered Master Electrician (RME) can sign the CERTIFICATE OF EXPERIENCE Form or PRC Form 104.

One of the requirement on registration in taking the Registered Master Electrician (RME) Board Examination is CERTIFICATE OF EXPERIENCE Form or PRC Form 104 from Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). It should be  Notarized and signed by an REE or RME whose registration is prior to the date of employment.

Certificate Of Experience or PRC Form 104

In this form you need to write your company name, address, contact number, To the Board of Electrical Engineering, your name, duration of your work experience, your position in your company, your specific work or functions, the certifying officer and the notary public. All of the information you will write must be true because this form is subject for verification, any false statement or misrepresentation made in this certificate is ground for disqualification and criminal prosecution.

This form is good only for one office/company and the Certificate Of Employment must accompany this Certificate Of Experience.

This Certificate Of Experience is different from Certificate Of Employment this form is from the PRC office. It is to Certify that the person applying for the registration of RME board examination have meet the requirements with valid documents.

A Registered Master Electrician (RME) can sign the said form as Certifying Officer. The Certifying Officer should be a Registered Professional of the same discipline whose date of registration is prior to the date of employment and PRC ID must be valid.

The Certifying Officer must be at least 5 years as a Registered Electrical Engineer or Registered Master Electrician  with valid PRC ID.

For PDF File Download Here: Certificate Of Experience/PRC Form 104


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