RME Exam Requirements


Degree/Course Requirement: (Please refer to Section 18 of R.A. No. 7920)
Documentary Requirements:

1) PSA Birth Certificate
2) PSA Marriage Certificate/Contract (for married female applicants)
3) TOR [with name of the course, date of graduation and S.O. (B) number], unless exempt therefrom due to accreditation of the course by the CHED, TESDA, DECS or to being a state school/college, or Diploma, in the case of high school graduates.
4) NBI Clearance (valid for at least 6 months on the day of filing of application)
5) Certificate of Employment or any equivalent document to prove the required years of apprenticeship:
-Those who completed 3 years of BSEE or engineering technology course (1 year)
-Those who completed 2-year vocational electrician’s course (2 years)
-Those who completed 1-year vocational electrician’s course (3 years)
-Those who are high school graduates (5 years)

6.) Certificate or affidavit on specific record of practice:

a. TESDA (any of the following)
• NC II Electrical Installation and Maintenance
• NC II Electrical Power Distribution Line Construction
• NC III Electrical Installation & Maintenance
• NC III Electrical Power Distribution Operation and Maintenance


b. AIPO (Accredited Integrated Professional Organization)
However, please take note that for the AIPO certifications, two (2) documents are required as follows:
b.1. Certification and Affidavit from instructors, trainor’s/supervisor who are registered electrical practitioners and;
b.2. Certification from AIPO validating and concurring the legitimacy of the registered electrical practitioners who issued the apprenticeship affidavit (on item b.1.)


1. NBI Clearance (valid for at least 6 months on the day of filing of application)

Source: PRC.GOV.PH

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