RME Exam Reviewer Part 1

#1. The voltage lost across a portion of a circuit is called the __________.

#2. When skinning a small wire, the insulation should be “penciled down” rather than cut square to __________.

#3. Conductor sizes are expressed __________.

#4. When using a #14-2 with ground Romex, the ground __________ carry current under normal operation.

#5. Continuous duty is __________.

#6. Electron flow produced by means of applying pressure to a material is called ___________.

#7. Something that would affect the ampacity of a conductor would be __________. I. Voltage II. Amperage III. Length IV. Temperature

#8. As compared with solid wire, stranded wire of the same gauge size is ___________.

#9. The definition of ampacity is __________.

#10. Raceways shall be provided with __________ to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction.

#11. Never approach a victim of an electrical injury until you __________.

#12. __________ lighting is a string of outdoor lights suspended between two points.

#13. A wattmeter indicates __________. I. Real power II. Apparent power if PF is not in unity III. Power factor

#14. Alternating currents may be increased or decreased by means of a __________.

#15. Of the following, which is not a type of file?

#16. For voltage and current to be in phase, __________. I. The circuit impedance has only resistance. II. The voltage and current appear at their zero and peak values at the same time.

#17. To increase the range of an AC ammeter which one the following is most commonly used?

#18. Enclosed means, surrounded by a __________ which will prevent persons from accidentally contacting energized parts. I. Wall II. Fenced III. Housing or case

#19. Enclosed knife switches that require the switch to be open before the housing door can be opened, called __________ switches.

#20. Which has the highest electrical resistance?

#21. In a series circuit __________ is common.

#22. A type of cable protected by a spiral metal cover is called __________ in the field.

#23. Grounding conductors running with circuit conductors may be __________. I. Uninsulated II. A continuous green if covered III. Continuous green with yellow stripe, if covered

#24. The connection of a ground clamp to a grounding electrode shall be __________.

#25. An alternation is __________.

#26. A __________ is an enclosure designed either for surface or flush mounting and provided with a frame, mat or trim in which a swinging door or doors are or may be hung.

#27. A __________ stores energy in much the same manner as a spring stores mechanical energy.

#28. Mandatory rules of the Code are identified by the use of the word __________.

#29. If a test lamp light, when placed in series with a condenser and a suitable source of DC, it is a good indication that the condenser is __________.

#30. The current will lead the voltage when __________.

#31. Where the conductor material is not specified in the Code, the conductors are assumed to be __________.

#32. Fixtures supported by the framing members of suspended ceiling systems shall be securely fastened to the ceiling framing member by mechanical means such as __________. I. Bolts or screws II. Rivets III. Clips identified for this use.

#33. A dwelling unit is __________.

#34. Pigtails are used on brushes to __________.

#35. The type of AC system commonly used to supply both commercial light and power is the __________.

#36. A 15 ohm resistance carrying 20 amperes of current uses __________ watts of power.

#37. Rubber insulation on an electrical conductor would quickly be damaged by continuous contact with __________.

#38. The most important reason for using a conduit-type fitting in preference to making a bend in a one-inch conduit is to __________.

#39. A tester using an ordinary light bulb is commonly used to test ___________.

#40. The resistance of a copper wire to the flow of electricity__________.

#41. Batteries supply __________ current.

#42. With respect to fluorescent lamps it is correct to state __________.

#43. Two 500 watt lamps connected in series across a 110 volt line draws 2amperes. The total power consumed is __________ watts.

#44. To transmit power economically over considerable distances, it is necessary that the voltages be high. High voltages are readily obtainable with __________ currents.

#45. The resistance of a circuit may vary due to __________.

#46. What is the function of a neon glow tester? I. Determines if circuit is alive II. Determines the polarity of DC circuits III. Determines if circuits is AC or DC

#47. An overcurrent trip unit of a circuit shall be connected in series with each __________.

#48. A location classified as dry may be temporarily subject to __________. I. Wet II. Dampness

#49. To make a good soldered connection between two stranded wires, it is least important to __________.

#50. Which of the following is not one of the considerations that must be evaluated in judging equipment?




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