RME Exam Reviewer Part 10

#1. The rating of any one portable appliance shall not exceed ___ percent of the branch circuit rating.

#2. A capacitor is a device that _____________ energy.

#3. A _________ is a certain type cartridge fuse that can be readily replaced.

#4. A generic term for a group of non-flammable synthetic chlorinated hydrocarbons used as electrical insulating media.

#5. Copper-clad aluminum conductors have an ampacity __________.

#6. The output rating of a one horsepower motor is _______.

#7. The important function of a type S fuse is ________.

#8. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

#9. If a low resistance is connected in parallel with a higher resistance, the combined resistance is ____.

#10. A ___ device which serves to govern in some predetermined manner the electric power delivered to the apparatus to which it’s connected.

#11. Openings around electrical penetrations through fire-resistant rated walls, partitions, floors or ceilings shall be _________.

#12. The part of an electrical system that performs a mechanical function rather than an electrical function is called a (an) _____________.

#13. If the primary of the transformer is 480 and secondary is 240/120v, the wire on the _________ is larger.

#14. “Thermally protected” appearing on the nameplate of a motor indicates that the motor is provided with a ____________.

#15. To reverse the rotation of a three-phase motor you would ____________.

#16. On an insulated conductor the type letter “TW” indicates ________.

#17. Insulating safety grips on tools __________.

#18. Impedance is present in the following type of circuit:

#19. The ungrounded conductor can be identified by the color _________.

#20. The Code is designed for safety regardless of _______________. I. Cost II. Time III. Maintenance IV. Efficiency V. Future structure

#21. What is the maximum number of overcurrent devices allowed in a lighting and appliance panelboard?

#22. The definition of accessible (wire):

#23. The neutral conductor shall not be ____________.

#24. When installing raceway systems, it is essential that they be _________.

#25. When working near acid storage batteries, extreme care should be taken to guard against sparks essentially to avoid __________.

#26. Two metals of different materials shall not be joined together in order to avoid the ______ action.

#27. On a #4 drill bit, the #4 is determined by ________.

#28. In other than residential calculations, an ordinary outlet shall be calculated at ________.

#29. What is meant by “traveler wires”?

#30. When installing an instrument meter on a panel, to obtain accurate mounting __________.

#31. Electricity may be produced by means of ______ forces.

#32. The voltage drop in a line can be decreased by_______________. I. Increasing the wire size II. Increasing the current III. Decreasing the load

#33. Which one of the following is not an insulator?

#34. The heating element in a toaster has a ___________.

#35. In a residence, no point along the floor line in any wall space may be more than ___ feet from an outlet.

#36. A generator exciter uses ______ current.

#37. The standard classification of branch circuits applied only to those circuits with ________ outlets.

#38. When voltage and current appear at their zero and peak values at the same time, they are in ____.

#39. The best type of fire extinguisher for an electrical fire is a ____________.

#40. The reason for grounding the frame of a portable electric hand tool is to ___________.

#41. A load is considered as continuous if it is expected to continue for _________.

#42. You would use an approved ________ to protect conductors from abrasion where they enter a box.

#43. To mark a point on the floor directly beneath a point on the ceiling, it is best to use a ______.

#44. Wiring systems in wet locations should be ___________.

#45. Solid wire is preferred instead of stranded wire in panel wiring because ____________.

#46. The advantage of cutting a metal rigid conduit with a hacksaw rather than pipe cutter is _____.

#47. An electrical condenser is best defined as _______________.

#48. If the voltage is doubled the ampacity of a conductor _________.

#49. The total resistance of four 10 ohm resistors in parallel is __________.

#50. The purpose of a Western Union splice is ____________.




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