RME Exam Reviewer Part 2

#1. A one-quarter bend in a raceway is equivalent to an angle of __________ degrees.

#2. To determine if the raceway is truly vertical an electrician would use a __________.

#3. A stop switch is wired __________ in a motor circuit.

#4. Two switches in one box under one face-plate is called a __________.

#5. In order to prevent a safety hazard an electrician should never __________.

#6. To cut rigid conduit you should __________.

#7. A fusestat is different from the ordinary plug fuse because a fusestat __________.

#8. Which of the following machine screws has the smallest diameter?

#9. Is it permissible to install direct current and alternating current conductors in the same outlet box?

#10. Galvanized conduit has a finish exterior and interior of __________.

#11. Stranded wire should be __________ before being placed under a screw head.

#12. A conduit body is __________.

#13. Electricians should be familiar with the rules and regulations of their job mainly to __________.

#14. The best way to lay out a 40 foot long straight line on a floor is to __________.

#15. The total of the following numbers 8 5/8”, 6 1⁄4”, 7 3/16”, and 5 1⁄4” is __________.

#16. Locknuts are sometimes used in making electrical connections on studs. In these cases the purpose of the locknuts is to __________.

#17. A corroded electrical connection __________.

#18. An AC ammeter or voltmeter is calibrated to read RMS values; this means the meter is reading the __________ value.

#19. An autotransformer has __________.

#20. When conduit or tubing nipples having a maximum length not to exceed 24” arc installed between boxes they shall be permitted to be filled __________ percent of its total cross-sectional area.

#21. Electrical equipment shall be installed __________.

#22. Which of the following is the most important factor contributing to an electricians safety on the job?

#23. Before using rubber gloves when working on high voltage equipment in the gloves should be __________.

#24. A 3Ω, a 6Ω, a 9Ω and a 12Ω resistor are connected in parallel. Which resistor will consume the most power?

#25. Concrete, brick or tile are considered as being __________.

#26. An overcurrent protective device with a circuit opening fusible part that is heated and severed by the passage of overcurrent through it is called a __________.

#27. Service drop conductors not in excess of 600 volts shall have a minimum clearance of __________ feet over residential property and driveways, and those commercial areas not subject to truck traffic.

#28. Listed ceiling (paddle) fans that do not exceed __________ pounds in weight, with or without accessories, shall be permitted to be supported by outlet boxes identified for such use.

#29. On a delta three-phase four-wire secondary, how many hot wires may use the common neutral?

#30. A chain wrench can be used __________. I. With one hand only II. In confined places & close to walls III. For all sizes of conduit.

#31. The decimal equivalent of 3/16” is __________.

#32. In the course of normal operation the instrument which will be least effective in indicating that a generator may overheat because it is overloaded, is __________.

#33. When drilling into a steel I-beam, the most likely cause for breaking a drill bit would be __________.

#34. The service conductors between the terminals of the service equipment and a point usually outside the building, clear of building walls, where joined by a tap or splice to the service drop is called the __________.

#35. Voltage drop in a wire is __________.

#36. Tungsten-filament lamps can be used on __________ circuits.

#37. The location of a wall receptacle outlet in the bathroom of a dwelling shall be installed __________.

#38. To cut rigid conduit you should __________.

#39. It shall be permissible to apply a demand factor of __________ to the nameplate-rating load of four or more appliances fastened in place served by the same feeder in a dwelling.

#40. In the figure above is the symbol for a __________ panel.

#41. Which of the following is the best type of saw to use to cut a 3” diameter hole through 1⁄2” plywood?

#42. A 3Ω, a 6Ω, a 9Ω and a 12Ω resistor are connected in series. The resistor will consume the most power is the __________ ohm.

#43. Silver is used on electrical contacts to __________.

#44. To sharpen an electrician’s knife, you would use a __________ stone.

#45. Conductors shall not be installed in locations where the operating temperature will exceed that specified for the type of __________ used.

#46. A fuse on a 20 amp branch circuit has blown. The fuse is replaced with a 20 amp fuse and the fuse blows when the switch is turned on. The electrician should __________.

#47. Electrical current is measured in terms of __________.

#48. A fixture that weighs more than __________ pounds shall be supported independently of the outlet box.

#49. What type of meter is shown above?

#50. Insulated nonmetallic boxes are made of __________. I. Polyninyl chloride II. Bakelite III. Bower-Barff lacquer




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