RME Exam Reviewer Part 3

#1. A function of a relay is to __________.

#2. Wire Connectors are generally classified as __________ type(s). I. Thermal II. Pressure

#3. A laminated pole is __________.

#4. Mulitple start buttons in a motor control circuit are connected in __________.

#5. Hysteresis is __________.

#6. A dynamo is __________.

#7. Which of the following is true?

#8. Permeability is __________.

#9. Resistance in a circuit may be __________. I. Resistance of the conductors II. Resistance due to imperfect contact

#10. The normal rotation of an induction motor is __________ facing the front of the motor (The front of a motor is the end opposite the shaft).

#11. Electrical power is measure of __________.

#12. Which of the following about a strap wrench is/are true? I. You can turn pipe using one hand II. Use in a tight corner III. Use on different sizes of pipe

#13. The transferring of electrons from one material to another would be __________.

#14. Unity power factor, which means that the current is in phase with the voltage, would be __________.

#15. When a circuit breaker is in the open position __________. I. You have a short in the ungrounded conductor. II. You have a short in the grounded conductor.

#16. Which of the following meters is a wattmeter?

#17. In solving series-parallel circuits, generally you would __________.

#18. A universal motor has brushes that ride on the __________.

#19. The Wheatstone bridge method is used for accurate measurements of __________.

#20. One of the disadvantages of indenter or crimp connectors is __________.

#21. The voltage of a circuit is best defined as __________.

#22. The difference between a neutral and a grounded circuit conductors is __________.

#23. Resistance opposes the flow of current in a circuit and is measured in __________.

#24. To fasten a box to a terra cotta wall you would use which of the following?

#25. Which of the following is not true?

#26. A magnetic field is created around a conductor __________.

#27. Which of the following is not true?

#28. How many kw hours are consumed by 25-60 watt light bulbs burning 5 hours in a 120v circuit?

#29. Conductors supplying two or more motors shall have an ampacity equal to that sum of the following current rating of all the motors plus __________ % of the highest rated motor in the group.

#30. Which of the following is true?

#31. Which of the following is not true?

#32. If a 240-volt heater is used on 120 volts, the amount of heat produced will be __________.

#33. Which of the following is true?

#34. Which of the following is not true?

#35. The electric pressure of a circuit would be the __________.

#36. Which of the following is/are generally used for field magnets? I. Copper II. Steel III. Wrought iron

#37. Which of the following is not true?

#38. Special permission is __________.

#39. Which of the following is not true?

#40. The usual service conditions under which a transformer should be able to carry its rated load are __________. I. At rated secondary voltage or not in excess of 105% of the rated value. II. At rated frequency. III. Temperature of the surrounding cooling air at no time exceeding 40°C (104°F) and average temperature of the surrounding cooling air during any 24-hour period not exceeding 30°C (86°F).

#41. The symbol for a wye connection is __________.

#42. What percentage of the maximum (peak) voltage is the effective (R.M.S.) voltage?

#43. One million volts can also expressed as __________.

#44. When soldering a joint, the flux is used to __________.

#45. A commutator is __________.

#46. Which of the following is not true?

#47. The electromotive force required to cause a current to flow may be obtained __________. I. Thermally II. Mechanically III. Chemically

#48. A minimum thickness of __________ inch/inches of concrete over conduits and raceways should be used to prevent cracking.

#49. A low power factor is commonly caused by __________. I. Induction motors II. Synchronous motors III. Fluorescent lights

#50. Rheostats and potentiometers are types of __________ resistors.




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