RME Exam Reviewer Part 4

#1. Basically all electric motors operate on the principle of repulsion or __________.

#2. The grounded conductor would connect to the __________ of a lampholder.

#3. The output of a 3∅ transformer is measured in units called __________.

#4. What is the formula to find watt hours?

#5. A capacitor opposes __________.

#6. Three horsepower is equivalent to __________.

#7. The inductive action that causes current to flow on the outside surface of a conductor is known as the __________.

#8. The voltage per turn of the primary of a transformer is __________ the voltage per turn of the secondary.

#9. Electrical continuity is required by the electrical code for metallic conduit __________.

#10. The definition of ampacity is __________.

#11. Illumination is measured in __________.

#12. To change the rotation of a DC motor you would __________.

#13. Which of the following is not true about alternating current?

#14. An example of a “made” electrode would be __________.

#15. A motor enclosure designed and constructed to contain sparks or flashes that may ignite surrounding gas or vapour is called __________.

#16. An electrician in the industry would first check the __________ to correct a low power factor.

#17. To adjust the voltage generated by a constant speed DC generator, you would change the __________.

#18. An electrical timer switch for lighting is normally connected in __________ with the lighting circuit being controlled.

#19. In a 3∅ circuit, how many electrical degrees separate each phase?

#20. Frequency is determined by the __________ of an alternator. I. Size II. Number of poles III. Voltage IV. Rotation speed of armature

#21. Voltage in a generator is produced by __________.

#22. A three-phase, 6-pole AC alternator 34 kva, on a Y-connected system. During one complete mechanical rotation (360°C) will have __________ electrical rotations.

#23. Tinning rubber insulated twisted cable is done to __________.

#24. What relationship determines the efficiency of electrical equipment?

#25. A fluorescent light that blinks “on” and “off” repeatly may in time __________.

#26. The greater voltage drop in a circuit will occur when the __________ the current flow through that part of the circuit.

#27. Single conductor cable runs within building are generally more common than multicable runs because __________.

#28. A single concrete-encased electrode shall be augmented by one additional electrode if it does not have a resistance to ground of __________.

#29. 1. Frequency is measured in __________.

#30. A negatively charged body has __________.

#31. DC series motors are used in applications where __________ is required.

#32. The resistance of an open circuit is equal to __________.

#33. __________ duty is a type of service where both the load and the time intervals may have wide variations.

#34. __________ has the highest electrical breakdown strength and longest life over all other materials used for insulation.

#35. Sometimes copper conductors are coated (tinned) to help prevent __________.

#36. As the power factor of a circuit is increased __________.

#37. The AC system is preferred to the DC system because __________.

#38. The generator which is best suited for electroplating power is a __________ generator.

#39. The definition of ambient temperature is __________.

#40. A wheatstone bridge is used to measure __________ resistance. I. Low II. Medium III. High

#41. Of the six ways of producing emf, which method is used the least?

#42. The armature current drawn by any DC motor is proportional to the __________.

#43. The voltage produced by electromagnetic induction is controlled by __________.

#44. Electrical appliances are connected in parallel because it __________.

#45. __________ is the combined opposition to current by resistance and reactance.

#46. On a 120v 1∅ circuit, ground fault protection for personnel operates on the principal of unbalanced current between __________.

#47. To check voltage to ground, you would check from __________.

#48. Which of the following would cause the most power to be dissipated in the form of heat?

#49. The breakdown voltage of an insulation depends upon __________ value of AC voltage.

#50. As the power factor of a circuit is increased __________.




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