RME Exam Reviewer Part 6

#1. The proper way to open a knife switch carrying a heavy load is to ___________.

#2. A steel measuring tape is undesirable for use around electrical equipment. The least important reason is the ____________.

#3. Critical burns are potentially ____________.

#4. The main difference between a pipe thread and a machine thread is that the pipe thread is ______.

#5. The instrument that would prove least useful in testing for opens, grounds, and shorts after the wiring has been completed is the __________.

#6. For the maximum safety the magnetic contactors used for reversing the direction of rotation of a motor should be __________.

#7. All wiring must be installed so that when completed_____________.

#8. Of the following, which is not a type of file?

#9. An appliance that is not easily moved from one place to another in normal use is a ____ appliance.

#10. Automatically is self-acting, operating by its own mechanism when actuated by some impersonal influence, such as change in ___________. I. Temperature II. Pressure III. Current strength

#11. If a co-worker is burned by acid from a storage battery, the proper first aid treatment is to wash with _______.

#12. When the thermal overload relays are used for the protection of polyphase induction motors, their primary purpose is to protect the motors in case of _____________.

#13. A set of lights switched from three different places can be controlled by ______ switches.

#14. In the figures show above. Which of the following is an LB conduit body?

#15. If a fuse becomes hot under normal load, a probable cause is _______________.

#16. Fixtures supported by the framing members of suspended ceiling systems shall be securely fastened to the ceiling framing member by mechanical means such as __________. I. Bolts or screws II. Rivets III. Clips identified for this use.

#17. The National Electrical Code is sponsored by the __________.

#18. Rosin is preferable to acid as a flux for soldering wire because rosin is ____________.

#19. All edges that are invisible should be represented in a drawing by lines that are ___________.

#20. Receptacles installed on ____ ampere branch circuits shall be of the grounding type.

#21. The open circuit test on a transformer is a test for measuring its ________.

#22. The service disconnecting means shall be installed ___________. I. Outside a building II. Inside a building III. At the meter

#23. A fellow electrician is not breathing after receiving an electrical shock, but is no longer in contact with the electricity; the most important thing for you to do is _____________.

#24. A stranded wire is given the same size designation as a solid wire if it has the same _________.

#25. Utilization equipment is equipment which utilizes ____ energy for mechanical, chemical, heating, lighting or similar purposes. I. Chemical II. Electric III. Heat

#26. Mica is commonly used in electrical construction for ______________.

#27. In general, the most important point to watch in the operation of transformers is the ________.

#28. Large squirrel cage induction motors are usually started at a voltage considerably lower than the line voltage to ______________.

#29. A light bulb usually contains ___________.

#30. The neutral conductor ______________.

#31. Your foreman asked you to measure the insulation resistance of some conductors. To do this you would use a _______.

#32. Conductor sizes are expressed __________.

#33. A type of motor that will not operate on DC is the ___________.

#34. A fitting is ______________.

#35. If the voltage on a light bulb is increased 10%, the bulb will ________________.

#36. Fractional horsepower universal motors have brushes usually made of __________.

#37. The main purpose of using a cutting fluid when threading conduit is to __________.

#38. A (an) __________ changes AC to DC.

#39. Of the following, the best indication of the condition of the charge of the lead acid battery is the ___.

#40. A lighting fixture is to be controlled independently from two different locations. The type of switch required in each of the two locations is a __________.

#41. Something that would affect the ampacity of a conductor would be __________. I. Voltage II. Amperage III. Length IV. Temperature

#42. Which has the highest electrical resistance?

#43. Alternating currents may be increased or decreased by means of a __________.

#44. ________ is the ability of a material to permit the flow of electrons.

#45. When administering first aid to a worker suffering from fright as a result of falling from a ladder, the most important thing to do is ______________.

#46. Where conductors carrying alternating current are installed in metal enclosures or metal raceways, they shall be so arranged as to avoid heating the surrounding metal by induction, to accomplish this _____ shall be grouped together. I. All phase conductors II. Where used the neutral III. All equipment grounding conductors

#47. When mounting electrical equipment, wooden plugs driven into holes in ____ shall not be used. I. Masonry II. Concrete III. Plaster

#48. Oil is used in many large transformers to __________.

#49. The rating “1000 ohms, 10 watts” would generally apply to a _________.

#50. A wrench you would not use to connect rigid metal conduit is a ____ wrench.




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