RME Exam Reviewer Part 7

#1. A shunt is used to measure _________.

#2. The difference of electrical potential between two conductors of a circuit is the ________.

#3. The relationship of a transformer primary winding to the secondary winding is expressed in ____.

#4. The frame of a motor is usually positively grounded to _________.

#5. The brightness of an incandescent lamp is rated in ___________.

#6. A wattmeter is connected in _______ in the circuit.

#7. A tap tool is a tool used to _________.

#8. Receptacles in residential wiring are regularly connected in ____________.

#9. Electrician’s diagonal lineman pliers should not be used to cut __________.

#10. An electrician should not wear shoes that have sponge rubber soles while working mainly because they __________.

#11. A battery operates in the principle of ___________.

#12. When cutting a metal conduit with a hacksaw, the pressure applied to the hacksaw should be on _________.

#13. You shouldn’t use a file without a handle because ____________.

#14. A shunt is sometimes used to increase the range of an electrical measuring instrument. The shunt is normally used when measuring __________.

#15. Which of the following hacksaw blades should be used for the best results in cutting EMT?

#16. When an electric current is forced through a wire that has considerable resistance, the ______. I. Ampacity will decrease II. Voltage will drop III. Wire will heat up

#17. The advantage of using a storage battery rather than a dry cell is the storage battery ________.

#18. The letters DPDT are used to identify a type of ___________.

#19. The rating of the largest size regular plug fuse is ____ amperes.

#20. The least desirable device for measuring an electrical cabinet containing live equipment is a ____.

#21. So constructed or protected that exposure to the weather will not interfere with successful operation is __________________. I. Weather proof II. Raintight III. Watertight

#22. Which of the following would improve the resistance to earth? I. Use multiple ground rods II. Treat the soil III. Lengthen the ground rod

#23. An advantage that rubber insulation has is that ______________.

#24. The purpose of a clip clamp is to ________. I. Ensure good contact between the fuse terminals of cartridge fuses and the fuse clips II. Make it possible to use cartridge fuses of a smaller size than that for which the fuse clips are intended III. Prevent the accidental removal of the fuse due to vibration

#25. Which of the following statements about mounting single-throw knife switches in a vertical position is (are) correct? I. The switch shall be mounted so that the blade hinge is at the bottom II. The supply side of the circuit shall be connected to the bottom of the switch

#26. One of the following is the first thing to do when a person gets an electric shock and is still in contact with the supply.

#27. On smaller gauges of wire, they are pencil-stripped to prevent ___________.

#28. Galvanized conduit is made of __________.

#29. If the primary winding of a 10 to 1 step down transformer has 20,000 turns, the secondary winding should have ______ turns.

#30. To increase the life of an incandescent light bulb you would ________.

#31. The signals of electrical injury may include __________. I. Unconsciousness II. Weak, irregular, or absent pulse III. Dazed, confused behaviour

#32. When re-routing conduit, it may be necessary to increase the wire size, if the distance is greater, in order to __________.

#33. An electron is _________.

#34. When wrapping a splice with both rubber and friction tape, the main purpose of the friction tape is to _____.

#35. One megohm is the equivalent of __________.

#36. The flux commonly used for the soldering of electrical conductors is ___________.

#37. A hacksaw with fine teeth used to cut raceways is commonly called a ______________.

#38. The term “ampere-hour” is associated with __________.

#39. When the term “10-32” in connection with machine screws commonly used in lighting work, the number 32 refers to ____________.

#40. The output winding of a transformer is called the ____________.

#41. When cutting holes in masonry which of the following tools is most commonly used?

#42. The continuity of an electrical circuit can be determined in the field by the means of ________.

#43. In the figures shown above. Which of the following is the symbol for a duplex outlet, split circuit?

#44. A “mil” measures ___________.

#45. The name of the tool common used for bending small size conduit is a _______.

#46. When the size #12 of a stranded wire is referred to, this number specifies the _______.

#47. The term “hertz” means ___________.

#48. This CODE is intended to be suitable for mandatory application by governmental bodies exercising legal jurisdiction over ____________. I. Electrical installation II. And for use by insurance inspectors

#49. The transformer output is measured by __________.

#50. To fasten a box to a terra cotta wall you would use ____________.




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