RME Exam Reviewer Part 8

#1. A wattmeter is a combination of which two of the following meters? I. Ammeter II. Ohmmeter III. Phase meter IV. Volt meter V. Power factor meter

#2. A thermocouple will transform _________ into electricity.

#3. For better illumination you would __________.

#4. The property of a circuit tending to prevent the flow of current and at the same time causing energy to be converted into heat is referred to as _____________.

#5. To lubricate a motor sleeve bearing you would use ___________.

#6. _____ means so constructed or protected that exposure to the weather will not interfere with successful operation.

#7. You should close a knife switch firmly and rapidly as there will be less ___________.

#8. Continually overloading a conductor is a poor practice because it causes ___________.

#9. If the current flow through a conductor is increased, the magnetic field around the conductor _____________.

#10. The conductor with the highest insulation temperature rating is _____________.

#11. If the spring tension on a cartridge fuse clip is weak, the result most likely would be ___________.

#12. A rigid conduit connecting to an outlet box should have a _________.

#13. An instrument that measures electrical energy is called the ___________.

#14. The stranded residential service is a 3-wire, 240 volt single-phase system. The maximum voltage to ground in this system would be __________ volts.

#15. In a residence the wall switch controlling the ceiling light is usually ____________.

#16. Where galvanized conduit is used, the main purpose of the galvanizing is _________.

#17. It is the responsibility of the electrician to make sure his tools are in good condition because ___.

#18. To fasten a raceway to a solid concrete ceiling, you would use ___________.

#19. The “stator” of an AC generator is another name for the ____________.

#20. The primary reason for using a hacksaw blade with fine teeth rather than coarse teeth when cutting large stranded conductors is _____________.

#21. If two equal resistance conductors are connected in parallel, the resistance of the two conductors is equal to ____________.

#22. Which of the following metals is most commonly used in the filament of a bulb?

#23. A toaster will produce less heat on low voltage because ______________.

#24. A motor with a wide speed range is a __________.

#25. A foreman in charge of a crew in men preparing to work on a low voltage tension circuit should caution them to ___________.

#26. The definition of ambient temperature is _____________.

#27. The primary and secondary windings of a transformer always have __________.

#28. A commutator of a generator should be cleaned with which of the following?

#29. Which of the following is not the force which moves electron?

#30. The least important thing in soldering two conductors together is to _____________.

#31. Identified, as used in the Code in reference to a conductor or its terminal, means that such a conductor or terminal is to be recognized as ____________.

#32. Comparing a #6 to a #10 conductor of equal lengths, the #6 will have lower ________.

#33. Which of the following would be the best metal for a magnet?

#34. Acid is not considered a good flux when soldering conductors because it ______________.

#35. The term pneumatic refers to ___________.

#36. Which one of the following is not a safe practice when lifting heavy items?

#37. A switch which opens automatically when the current exceeds a predetermined limit would be called a ______________.

#38. Rigid conduit is generally secured to outlet boxes by ___________.

#39. Electrical equipment can be defined as ______________. I. Fittings II. Appliances III. Devices IV. Fixtures

#40. An electrician may use a megger _____________.

#41. Wire connections should encircle binding posts in the ______ manner the nut turns to tighten.

#42. When soldering conductors, flux is used ___________.

#43. The current used for charging storage batteries is ___________.

#44. A junction box above a lay-in ceiling is considered _________.

#45. If one complete cycle occurs in 1/30 of a second, the frequency is ____________.

#46. The branch circuit loads specified by the Code for lighting and receptacles are considered ____.

#47. In the figure shown above. What would the ohmmeter reading?

#48. When working on a motor, the electrician should ____ to prevent accidental starting of the motor.

#49. After cutting a conduit, to remove the rough edges on both ends, the conduit ends should be ____.

#50. In electrical wiring, “wire nuts” are used to ___________.




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