RME Exam Reviewer Part 9

#1. Where the _____ is likely to be high, asbestos insulation on the conductor would be a good choice.

#2. If a value 120 volt incandescent light bulb is operating at a voltage of 125 volts, the result will be _____.

#3. The chemical used as the agent in fire extinguishers to fight electrical fires is ________.

#4. A solenoid is a __________.

#5. To control a ceiling light from five different locations it requires which of the following?

#6. Laminations are used in transformers to prevent ____________.

#7. The assigned color for the high-leg conductor of a three-phase, 4-wire delta secondary is _____.

#8. Four heaters, each having a resistance of 30 ohms, are connected in series across a 600-volt train circuit. The current is ___________ amperes.

#9. Wing nuts are useful on equipment where ___________.

#10. What is the voltage between points Y and Z? Shown figure above.

#11. Heavy duty lampholders include _________.

#12. The Code rule for maximum 90 degree bends in a conduit between two boxes is four, the most likely reason for the total 360 degree limitation is ____________.

#13. In an AC circuit the ratio of the power in watts to the total volt-amps is called the ________.

#14. The advantage of AC over DC includes which of the following?

#15. Piezoelectric is caused by crystals or binding ________.

#16. A________ is used for testing specific gravity.

#17. The Code requires which of the following colors for the equipment grounding conductor?

#18. The best thing to cut PVC conduit within a tight area is __________.

#19. If the end of a cartridge fuse becomes warmer than normal, you should _________.

#20. The ________ circuit is that portion of a wiring system beyond the final overcurrent protection.

#21. The primary winding of a loaded step-down transformer has ____compared to the secondary winding.

#22. A color coded is used in multiple-conductor cables. For 3-conductor cable the colors would be ________.

#23. Sometimes mercury toggle switches are used in place of a regular toggle switch because they ____.

#24. The correct word to define wiring which is not concealed is ____________.

#25. The total load on any overcurrent device located in a panelboard shall not exceed ______ of its rating where the normal operation the load will continue for three hours or more.

#26. A location classified as _____ may be temporarily subject to dampness and wetness.

#27. Installing more than three current carrying conductors in the same conduit requires ________.

#28. An autotransformer differs from each other types of transformers in that ________.

#29. If a live conductor is contacted accidentally, the severity of the electrical shock is determined primarily by __________.

#30. The average dry cell battery gives an approximate voltage of __________.

#31. Discoloring of one end of a fuse normally indicates ______________.

#32. The sum of the voltage drop around a circuit is equal to the source voltage is ________.

#33. Explanatory material in the Code is characterized by _____________.

#34. The Code requires that all AC phase conductors where used, the neural and all equipment grounding conductors be grouped together when using metal enclosures or raceways. The principal reason for this is _________.

#35. When resistors are connected in series, the total resistance is __________.

#36. Which of the following is the poorest conductor of electricity?

#37. An electrician should always consider the circuit to be “hot” unless he definitely knows otherwise. The main reason is to avoid _____________.

#38. A ______ helps prevent arcing in movable contacts.

#39. What is the normal taper on a standard conduit thread-cutting die?

#40. When tightening a screw on a terminal, the end of the conductor should wrap around the screw in the same direction that you are turning the screw so that ___________.

#41. Which of the following is considered the best electrical conductor?

#42. A ladder which is painted is a safety hazard mainly because the paint ____________.

#43. Ohm’s Law is _____________.

#44. A ___ box may be waterproof.

#45. Determining a positive wire on a single-phase circuit is _________.

#46. Copper is used for the tip of a soldering iron because _________.

#47. The identified grounded conductor of a lighting circuit is always connected to the screw of a light socket to _________.

#48. The liquid in a battery is called the _________.

#49. The ____ circuit is that portion of a wiring system prior to the final overcurrent protective device protecting the circuit.

#50. The reason for installing electrical conductors in a conduit is ___________.




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