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Registered Master Electrician (RME) Board Examination Reviewer Apps available on Play store for Android phones where you can practice and prepare to enhance your knowledge and memory for free before taking the PRC Board Examination. Test your knowledge in Technical and Philippine Electrical Code (PEC) questions.
For those Electrician’s in the Philippines who wants to pursue the Master Electrician level here are some of the free reviewer or refresher applications for android phones:
In the app you can take the quiz and see the results right after finishing every quiz. Download and Install the app where you can review offline.


1. Electrical Engineer Ultimate Reviewer – One of the best app reviewer for Master Electrician and Electrical Engineer.
App Preview
About the App:
  • Mobile pocket reviewer for Electrical Engineer and Master Electricians.
  • Review anytime and anywhere, practice with over 8,000 questions to help you prepare for Electrical Engineering Licensure Exam and Master Electricians Licensure Exam.
  • Our goal is to provide an effective, and convenient way for students to maximize their learning and get better results for their exams.
  • Efficient and quick feedback interactive quiz. Choose from 20 to 100 max question per set per topic you want to focus.
  • Challenge yourself and familiarize with different questions and problems. It has three quiz modes;
  • Normal Mode – answer a set of questions without time limit.
  • Timed Mode – answer set of questions with time pressure.
  • Vitali-3 – accumulate your scores by preventing three mistakes.
  • Choose from 6 (six) available app color-themes; Light, Dark, Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Orange!
2. RME Reviewer – a reviewer app for RME board exam. 
App Preview
About the App:
  • Registered Master Electrician Reviewer
  • Features: 
  • 700+ Questions and Answers
  • Multiple choice type
  • Highlights the right answer for each question
  • Simple user interface
  • Requires Android 5.0 up
Subjects Covered:
  • Basic Electricity, R.A. 7920, Test Equipment’s, Tools, Electrical Measurements, Lighting, Wirings and Materials, Fuses, Breakers, Switches, Motors, Starters, Generators, Transformers, Operation, Working Principles, Maintenance, Transmission and Distribution Lines, Substation, Ohm’s Law and others. Philippine Electrical Code Parts 1 and 2.
3. RME & EE Reviewer – a reviewer app where you can add questions and answers in the App, if you want to.
App Preview


About the App:

Best Reviewer for Philippines Registered Electrical Engineer Board Exam.
Best Reviewer for those who will take the REE and RME Board Exam.

APPS Features:
  • Import Questions from Excel File. no need to type questions one by one.
  • Helps the user to prepare well on his/her exam
  • Able to Review or take a Test. 
  • Able to Delete and ADD/Save your own sets of Question.
  • Able to Record your SCORE Percentage every finish Test to monitor your improvement.
  • Able to add and save PDF file for easy viewing.
  • Able to read PDF files.
  • Friendly user interface.
4. Registered Master Electrician Reviewer – a simple RME refresher and reviewer app where you can test your knowledge in PEC and Technical questions.
App Preview
About the App:

A reviewer for Registered Master Electrician examination in the Philippines.
Technical Topics:
  • Ohms Law
  • Electrical Machines
  • Control Equipment 
  • Electrical Components 
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Test Equipment
  • Electrical Engineering Law
  • Others/General 
PEC Topics:
  • General requirements for installation of electric wiring and equipment
  • Approved wiring method
  • Types of wiring materials and wiring devices Installation of switchboard and panelboards Installation in hazardous locations 
  • Wiring diagrams of different types of motor starters with motor protection
  • Drawing symbols and wiring plans
  • Other related subjects
App Developers Contact
Ultim8app, Azimuth, Engineer’s Notebook, emr/jmatz901
Electrician Philippines is not an affiliate of any of the apps mentioned. For any concern about the app please contact the developers. This is for educational purposes only. 
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