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RME Technical Subjects Test 1

#1. The power factor of an incandescent light bulb would be __________.

#2. A binary alloy of copper and zinc.

#3. A 6-volt lead-acid battery has an internal resistance of 0.01 ohm. How much current will flow if the battery has a short circuit?

#4. A voltage source of 20V is applied across the terminals of a 2.5-ohm rheostat. Calculate the power dissipated in the rheostat?

#5. Unit of electrical pressure is

#6. Two resistors of resistances 5 ohms and 7 ohms are connected in series across a 60-volt source. What is the power absorbed in the 5-ohm resistor?

#7. The resistance of a conductor when its temperature is increased,

#8. When using ohms law, E divided by I would solve for

#9. An electric iron takes 3 1⁄2 amps. If the heating element has a resistance of 40 ohms, what is its power consumption?

#10. Another name for a secondary cell.

#11. Two resistances of 8 and 10 ohms respectively are connected in parallel and take a total current of 9 A. What is the current flowing in the 8-ohm resistance?

#12. What is the resistance must be connected across a 4-ohm resistor in order to give an equivalent resistance of 3 ohms?

#13. How is voltmeter connected in a circuit?

#14. In resistance color coding, red color is assigned to a value

#15. Component of an atom that doesn’t have any electrical charge.

#16. A lead-acid cell is constructed in multiple for the purpose of ______.

#17. A measuring instrument used to measure the diameter of circular wires in mills.

#18. The electron in the last orbit of an atom are called

#19. A 400 MCM cable has 37 strands. What is the diameter if each strand in mills?

#20. The copper field coils of a motor was measured at 21°C and found to have a resistance of 68 ohms. After the motor has run for a given time, the resistance is found to be 90 ohms. What is the hot temperature of the winding?

#21. A cell whose emf is 1.45 V has an internal resistance of 4 ohms. What current will flow if this cell is connected across a 1 – ohms resistor?

#22. What is the diameter of a copper wire having a cross sectional area of 3,969 CM?

#23. When n equal resistors are connected in series to a source of emf E volts, each having a resistance of R ohms, which of the following statements is true?

#24. A secondary cell is charged with a constant current of 10 A for 10 hours. How much charge is accumulated?

#25. Give an example of an electrical conductor.

#26. A small light bulb with a resistance of 1000 ohms is connected across a 120-V line. What is the current through the bulb?

#27. The energy stored in an electrolytic cell is

#28. The most common usage of resistors in electronic circuits is to ________.

#29. An ammeter is connected ______.

#30. A 200-V lamp has a hot resistance of 400 ohms. The power rating in watts of the lamp is

#31. A battery is charged at 15 A for 10 hours. If the charging voltage is 120 V, what is the charging cost at 1.00 per kW-hr?

#32. How much current is produced by a 60-V source connected across a 12-kΩ resistance?

#33. Practically all batteries have a nominal rating based on the ____ hour rate of discharge.

#34. If 18 resistances, each of a value of 36 ohms, are connected in parallel, then the total resistance is

#35. A wire whose resistance is r ohms is being cut into four equal parts. If these parts are to be connected in parallel, how much is the equivalent resistance in ohms?

#36. If the number of valence electrons is exactly four, the material is

#37. A substance that cannot be decomposed any further by a chemical reaction.

#38. Commercial unit of an electrical energy.

#39. What is the resistance that must be connected in parallel with a 1.0-ohm resistance to give an equivalent resistance of 0.2 ohm?

#40. A water heater takes 2.5 A at 230 V. What is its hot resistance?

#41. An electric iron draws 15 A at 220 V. It is desired to reduced the current to 12 A by connecting a series rheostat. What is the resistance of the rheostat?

#42. The ability of a conductor to allow current flow.

#43. Blue is assigned to what digit value in the resistance color code?

#44. Three 120-ohm resistor are connected in series-parallel. The equivalent resistance of the combination is ____.

#45. A 25-W incandescent bulb rated at 120 V and operated on a 120 V line has burnt out and has to be replaced as soon as possible. There are several lamps available but not of the same rating. Which of the bulbs below should be used to approximate the power consumption of the busted bulb?

#46. The resistance of the material in inversely proportional to its

#47. A resistor of 4-ohm resistance is connected in parallel with a series combination of two resistors, 3-ohm and 1- ohm respectively. What is the equivalent resistance of the whole combination?

#48. A resistor of 3 ohms is connected in parallel with one of 2-ohm resistance. If the combination is connected in series with a 4-ohm resistor, what is the equivalent resistance of the whole combination of three resistors?

#49. A resistance of 4 0hms is connected in series to a parallel connection of two 8-ohm resistance. The total resistance is

#50. One horsepower is equivalent to how many watts?




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