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#1. The power frequency used for electrical machine in air craft system is preferred to be 400 Hz rather than 60 Hz because _________ .

#2. The starting capacitor of a single-phase motor is generally a

#3. Residual magnetism is necessary in a __________ .

#4. To measure the power taken by a DC electric motor with only a single instrument you should use

#5. In the current transformer method of measuring power in balanced 3-phase system using one wattmeter, total power is the wattmeter deflection multiplied by ________ .

#6. Wound rotors are usually started by the use of what type of starter?

#7. For parallel operation of DC generators _________ .

#8. What classification is given you a DC generator that receives its field excitation current from internal source?

#9. A DC generator supplies a load of resistance 1.4 ohms through a pair of wires having a total resistance of 0.10 ohm. The voltage at the DC generator terminals is 120 V, what is the voltage across the load?

#10. It is the power required to drive the unexcited dc machine at normal speed with its brushes lifted __________ .

#11. If full rating of a transformer is 90 kW at a power factor of 0.9 then its kVA rating is ______ .

#12. How would you determine, from visual observation of the armature winding, whether a generator is lap or wave wound.

#13. What limits the size of an induction motor that can be started across the line?

#14. The most common cause of contamination by water of oil used in transformer located indoors is _______ .

#15. Another name for a magnetic starter is a ______ .

#16. In general, the most important point to keep under constant watch during the operation of a transformer is its ______ .

#17. The input to a motor is 16,000 watts and the motor losses total 3,000 watts. The efficiency of the motor is most nearly _________ .

#18. An isolating switch is one that is _______.

#19. An autotransformer is preferred to a conventional 2-winding transformer _______ .

#20. What is the common method of cooling transformer?

#21. The output voltage of a single loop generator is a ____________ .

#22. A certain alternator has 8 poles. At what speed must the alternator runs in order to have a generated emf whose frequency is 40 Hz?

#23. A 50-kVA transformer has a primary voltage of 6600 volts and a secondary voltage of 250 volts. It has 100 turns on the secondary winding. Find the number of primary turns.

#24. A 2- pole AC generator is running at 1,500 rpm. What is the frequency?

#25. At what speed must an 8-pole, AC generator runs so that its frequency shall be 40 Hz?

#26. When a certain motor is started up, the incandescent lights fed from the same circuit dim sown somewhat and then return to approximately normal brightness as the motor comes up to speed. This definitely shows that the ____________ .

#27. Find the voltage regulation of a generator when full-load voltage is 110 V and no-load voltage is 120 V.

#28. Which of the following causes extreme sparking at the brushes?

#29. While a certain DC shunt motor is driving a light load, part of the field winding becomes short circuited. The motor will most likely __________ .

#30. The relative polarity of the windings of a transformer may be determined by _______ .

#31. In a method of measuring power in balanced 3-phase system using one wattmeter, total power is the wattmeter deflection multiplied by _________ .

#32. If commutator is dirty, clean using _________ .

#33. A 25-hp engine drives a DC generator, if the generator has an efficiency of 90 %, how much does it deliver?

#34. The shunt field of a compound generator is connected across both the series field and the armature. This connection is known as ____________ .

#35. In relation to a transformer, the ratio 20:1 indicates that _____ .

#36. In parallel operation of alternator, if the excitation of one alternate is changed it will only change _________ .

#37. In starting a 500 hp, 2300-volt, 3-phase synchronous motor the field winding is initially short circuited so as to ________ .

#38. When the speed of the alternator increases, the frequency _________ .

#39. Dust should never be allowed to accumulate on the windings and core of a dry-type transformer because it _______ .

#40. What is the overall efficiency of a 50-hp that draws 20 A at 2400 volts?

#41. If a single-phase induction motor draws 10 amperes at 240 volts, the power taken by the motor __________ .

#42. Current transformers for meters and relays usually have ______ .

#43. Part of the transformer which is most subject to damage from overheating is ______ .

#44. The speed of a DC shunt motor is generally regulated by means of a __________ .

#45. The secondary winding of a current transformer whose primary is carrying current should ________ .

#46. A carbon brush in a DC motor should exert a pressure of about 1 1⁄2 lbs. per square inch on the commutator. A much lighter pressure would be most likely to result in __________ .

#47. A single-phase motor is taking 20 A from a 400-V supply at unity pf. What is the power taken?

#48. Oil is invariably used in large transformer in order to _____ .

#49. The simplest form of motor controller is _____ .

#50. If the no-load speed of a squirrel cage type induction motor connected to a three phase 25 cycle line is 373 rpm, the motor has __________ .



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