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#1. Preferably, the resistance between the primary and the secondary of a transformer should be ___________.

#2. Transformer core uses small frequency because is laminated _________.

#3. The function of commutator in DC generator is _____ .

#4. What is common in the two windings of a transformer?

#5. Which among the following types of motor with same power rating having the same voltage level is the heaviest?

#6. What is the equation for the DC generator?

#7. The size of a transformer core will depend on _____________.

#8. _______________ the slot teeth will make the DC generator quieter in operation.

#9. In a given machine. How may the no? Of parallel paths be increased in the armature of lop connected.

#10. Electric motors are rated in ________.

#11. Which of the following motors has high starting torque?

#12. On a delta three-phase four-wire secondary, how many hot wires may use the common neutral?

#13. The mechanical power developed by the DC motor is maximum when ________.

#14. What is the common method of cooling transformer?

#15. How many contactor is needed to reverse the rotation of a three phase motor _____ .

#16. In a small dc machine, armature slots are sometimes not made axial but skewed. Though skewing makes winding a little more difficult, yet it result in_______________________.

#17. A hot smoky motor is a good indication of:

#18. A generator has a commercial efficiency of 95% and a mechanical efficiency of 97%. Find the electrical efficiency.

#19. A magnet is being heated to a temperature of 460°. What do you think will happen?

#20. In any transformer the voltage per turn in primary and secondary remains ___________.

#21. Which of the statement given below is true about autotransformer?

#22. In practice the rotation of electric motor referred to its back is ______ .

#23. Power transformers are designed to have maximum efficiency at __________.

#24. Which of the following motor is used in the Electric train?

#25. The resistance of low voltage side of a transformer __________.

#26. The stray losses in the transformer will be reduces if _____ .

#27. A part of a generator that links the generator to the prime mover __________.

#28. For the equal output the total current is more in ______ .

#29. With a 3Ø delta-wye connected transformer 480 V primary, 208/120 V secondary, the secondary line current is ________.

#30. The dummy coil in the DC machines is used to ___________.

#31. A generator may lost residual magnetism because of excessive ______.

#32. What type of core is used for a high frequency transformer?

#33. A transformer is more efficiently utilized when the load has a ______ power factor.

#34. What is standard instrument to measure the speed of a motor?

#35. Which of the following is a correct statement about eddy currents?

#36. If the field of a synchronous motor is under excited the Power factor will be _____ .

#37. What should be the possible no. of poles to obtain the highest operating speed?

#38. A 25 kVA, 2400/240 volt transformer has a primary current of 10 A. What is the secondary current?

#39. In a squirrel cage induction motor, which component is NOT a part of the motor?

#40. Which transformer has only one winding?

#41. A 25-hp engine drives a DC generator, if the generator has an efficiency of 84%, how much does it deliver?

#42. The standard method of controlling the output voltage of a 440 V, 60 Hz AC generator is accomplished by adjusting the ____________.

#43. In the design of Power Supply, transformer should not be place near the component because of vibration/humming due to _______.

#44. Transformers are rated in ___________.

#45. What is the turns ratio on a three-phase, four wire 480/240/120 volt transformer?

#46. The basic property of the transformer is that it changes the voltage level of an a.c. signal _______.

#47. In a DC circuit, the ratio of watts to voltamperes is always _________.

#48. Electric power is transformed from one coil to the other coil in a transformer ______.

#49. The speed of DC series motor at no load is _____ .

#50. The transformer oil used in a transformer provides ____________.




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