RME Technical Subjects Test 2

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RME Technical Subjects Test 2

#1. The definition of ambient temperature is ______________.

#2. What is the formula to find watt hour?

#3. A dynamo is ________.

#4. A switch intended for use in general distribution and branch circuits. It is rated in amperes, and it is capable of interrupting its rated current at its rated voltage, is a ____switch.

#5. What relationship determines the efficiency of electrical equipment?

#6. A commutator is _______.

#7. The symbol for a wye connection is _______.

#8. When drilling into a steel I-beam, the most likely cause for breaking a drill bit would be ____.

#9. Where conductors with an ampacity higher than the ampere rating or setting of the overcurrent device are used, the _____ shall determine the circuit rating.

#10. The electric pressure of a circuit would be the ________.

#11. A capacitor opposes ________.

#12. Voltage in a generator is produced by ____________.

#13. A value assigned to a circuit or system for the purpose of conveniently designating its voltage class is _______.

#14. To calculate the va, one needs to know the _______.

#15. The term “ampere-hours” is associated with ______.

#16. Electrical current is measured in terms of _________.

#17. Which of the following is true?

#18. Wire connectors are generally classified as _____ type (s). I. Thermal II. Pressure

#19. To determine if the raceway is truly vertical an electrician would use a _____.

#20. The usual service conditions under which a transformer should be able to carry its rated load are ________. I. At rated secondary voltage or not in excess of 105% of the rated value II. At rated frequency III. Temperature of the surrounding cooling air at no time exceeding 40 °C (104 °F) and average temperature of the surrounding cooling air during any 24-hour period not exceeding 30 °C (86 °F)

#21. The definition of ampacity is _________.

#22. The voltage of a circuit is best defined as __________.

#23. The breakdown voltage of insulation depends upon ________ value of AC voltage.

#24. A negatively charged body has ______.

#25. The transferring of electrons from one material to another would be _______.

#26. An instrument that is used to measure the diameter of a wire or cable to thousandths of an inch is a ______.

#27. The grounded conductor would connect to the ______ of a lamp holder.

#28. To sharpen an electrician’s knife, you would use a _____ stone.

#29. When soldering a joint, the flux is used to ________.

#30. Special permission is ________.

#31. To fasten a box to a terra cotta wall you should use which of the following?

#32. The electromotive force required to cause a current to flow may be obtained ____. I. Thermally II. Mechanically III. Chemically

#33. To cut rigid conduit you should _____.

#34. Silver is used on electrical contacts to _____.

#35. When a circuit breaker is in the OPEN position I. You have a short in the ungrounded conductor II. You have a short in the grounded conductor

#36. What percentage of the maximum (peak) voltage is the effective (R.M.S.) voltage?

#37. A type of AC motor that runs at a constant speed and is used for such purposes as an electric clock motor is a _____ motor.

#38. The transformer output is measured by ______.

#39. Frequency is measured in ___________.

#40. _____ can be generated. I. Electricity II. Electrical energy

#41. The Resistance of an open circuit is equal to _________.

#42. As the power factor of a circuit is increased ____________.

#43. Not readily accessible to persons unless special means for access are used is _____.

#44. A wattmeter is connected in ____ in the circuit.

#45. ______ has the highest electrical breakdown strength and longest life over all other materials used for insulation.

#46. A circuit breaker that has purposely introduced into it a delay in the tripping action and which delay decreases as the magnitude of the current increases is a ____ circuit breaker.

#47. An electron is ________.

#48. Single conductor cable runs within a building are generally more common than multicable runs because ________.

#49. A transformer would most likely have a _____ efficiency.

#50. The output of a 3Ø transformer is measured in units called _________.




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