RME Technical Subjects Test 3

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RME Technical Subjects Test 3

#1. Conductor sizes are expressed _______.

#2. When the size # 12 of a stranded wire is referred to, this number specifies the:

#3. ______ is the ability of a material to permit the flow of electrons.

#4. Which has the highest electrical resistance?

#5. A set of lights switched from three different places can be controlled by _____ switch (es).

#6. The efficiency of a motor is measure of _____.

#7. The Code considers low voltage to be _____.

#8. If the voltage is doubled the ampacity of a conductor _____.

#9. The output winding of a transformer is called the ______.

#10. The resistance of a copper wire to the flow of electricity _____.

#11. To increase the life of an incandescent light bulb you could ______.

#12. Brass is an alloy of ______.

#13. A pendant fixture is a ____.

#14. A generator exciter uses _____ current.

#15. The output rating of a one horsepower motor is ______.

#16. A low energy power circuit _____.

#17. The term “open circuit” means ______.

#18. Metal cabinets used for lighting circuits are grounded to ______.

#19. Three-way switching does not use the following conductor:

#20. The total opposition to current flow in an AC circuit is expressed in ohms and is called ____.

#21. A single-pole switch to operate a light will have the wiring connected in the ____ conductor.

#22. Alternating currents may be increased or decreased by means of a _____.

#23. All wiring must be installed so that when completed _____.

#24. Pigtails are used on brushes to _____.

#25. A multimeter is a combination of ______.

#26. To increase the life of an incandescent light bulb you could ______.

#27. As compared with solid wire, stranded wire of the same gauge size is ____.

#28. Of the following, the best indication of the condition of the charge of a lead acid battery is the _____.

#29. The larger the conductor, the _____.

#30. At least two persons are required to be present during a high-voltage test because _____.

#31. The frame of a motor is usually positively grounded to ______.

#32. Receptacles in residential wiring are regularly connected in ______.

#33. Mandatory rules of the Code are identified by the use of the word _____.

#34. Batteries supply ___ current.

#35. Which type of the following portable fire extinguishers should be used on a live electrical fire?

#36. The _____ angle is the angle between the real power and the apparent power.

#37. The electric pressure of a circuit would be the ________

#38. When applying rubber tape to an electrical splice, it would be necessary to _____.

#39. A load is considered to be continuous if it is expected to continue for _____.

#40. The letters DPDT are used to identify a type of ____.

#41. Electricity is sold by the kilowatt which is _____ watts.

#42. If a test lamp lights when placed in series with a condenser and a suitable source of DC, it is a good indication that the condenser is ______.

#43. The current-carrying capacity of conductors expressed in amperes is ______.

#44. A (an) ____ changes AC to DC.

#45. A “Mil” measures ________.

#46. Fractional horsepower universal motors have brushes usually made of ______.

#47. An advantage that rubber insulation has is that it _______.

#48. Silver and gold are better conductors of electricity than copper; however, the main reason copper is used is its ______.

#49. When accidentally splashing a chemical into the eyes the best immediate first aid solution is to ______.

#50. A stranded wire is given the same size designation as a solid wire if it has the same ____.




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