RME Technical Subjects Test 4

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RME Technical Subjects Test 4

#1. The standard residential service is a 3-wire, 240 volt single-phase system. The maximum voltage to ground in this system would be ______ volts.

#2. The voltage per turn of the primary of transformer is______ the voltage per turn of the secondary.

#3. An electrician in the industry would first check the______to correct a low power factor.

#4. The purpose of in an electrical circuit is to _______.

#5. Basically all electric motors operate on the principle of repulsion or_______.

#6. A solenoid is _____.

#7. An instrument that measures electrical energy is called the ______.

#8. If a 120 volt incandescent light bulb is operating at a voltage of 125 volts, the result will be _____.

#9. A device that serves to govern, in some predetermined manner, the electric power delivered to the apparatus to which it is connected is called a______ .

#10. The “stator” of an AC generator is another name for the ______.

#11. Ohm’s law is ______.

#12. Relay contacts are made of ______ .

#13. The primary reason for using a hacksaw blade with fine teeth rather than coarse teeth when cutting large stranded conductors is ______.

#14. When working on a motor, the electrician should _____ to prevent accidental starting of the motor.

#15. What is meant by “traveler wire”?

#16. When working near acid storage batteries, extreme care should be taken to guard against sparks, essentially to avoid ______.

#17. 3Ø currents are generally out of phase by______ degrees.

#18. An electrical outlet constructed so that moisture will not enter the enclosure is classified as being _____.

#19. The greatest voltage drop in a circuit will occur when the______ the current flow through that part of the circuit.

#20. A ______of a switch is that part of a switch which is used for the making or breaking of a connection and which is electrically insulated from other contact making or breaking parts.

#21. _______ means that equipment is not readily accessible to persons unless special means for access are used.

#22. Which two conductors installed in a conduit can be filled to______% of its cross section.

#23. If a live conductor is contacted accidentally, the severinity of the electrical shock is determined primarily by ______.

#24. The heating element in a toaster has a _______.

#25. It is the responsibility of the electrician to make sure his tools are in good condition because _____.

#26. Operation of equipment in excess of normal, full-load rating, or a conductor in excess of rated ampacity which, when it persists of a sufficient length of time, would cause damage or dangerous overheating is called_____.

#27. A wattmeter is a combination of which two of the following meters? I. Ammeter II. Ohmmeter III. Phase meter IV. Voltmeter V. Power factor meter

#28. ______ equipment of materials to which has been attached a label, symbol, or other identifying mark of an organization that is acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction and concerned with product evaluation that maintain periodic inspection of equipment or materials and indicates compliance with appropriate standards or performance.

#29. The ______ circuit is that portion of a wring system beyond the final overcurrent protection.

#30. Explanatory material in the Code is characterized by _____.

#31. A qualifying term indicating that the circuit breaker can be set to trip at various of current and/or time within a predetermined range is called_____.

#32. Comparing a #6 conductor to a #10 conductor of equal lengths, the #6 will have lower ___.

#33. A piece of electrical equipment that is designed to operate intervals of (10 load and no load; or (2) load and rest; or (3) load, no load, and rest is called_____ duty.

#34. A transformer would mostly likely have an efficiency of _____ percent.

#35. The ______ circuit is that portion of a wring system beyond the final overcurrent protection.

#36. If the current flow through a conductor is increased, the magnetic field around the conductor ______.

#37. ______location are those that are hazardous because of the presence of easily ignitable fibers or flying.

#38. The Code requires which of the following colors for the equipment grounding conductor?

#39. The definition of ambient temperature is _______.

#40. ______result in loss of electrical energy from the circuit.

#41. The breakdown voltage of an insulation depends upon _____value of AC voltage.

#42. The reason for installing electrical conductors in a conduit is ____.

#43. Reactance will cause the current in a circuit to vary only when_____.

#44. As the power factor of a circuit is increased _______.

#45. The difference between a neutral and a grounded circuit conductor is_____.

#46. Electrical appliances are connected in parallel because it_______.

#47. A length of wire has a resistance of 6 ohms. The resistance of the wire of the same material three times as long and twice the csa will be______ ohms.

#48. A switch which opens automatically when the current exceeds a predetermined limit would be called a ______.

#49. You have an adjustable trip coil rated at 5 amps on a 200-am switch. If you want the switch to trip at 120 amps, the trip coil should be set at_____.

#50. The advantage of AC over DC includes which of the following?




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