RME Technical Subjects Test 5

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RME Technical Subjects Test 5

#1. The heating of two different metals will cause _____.

#2. A fitting is________.

#3. In a multiple motor circuit there is feeder protection, branch-circuit protection and motor protection. If the feeder protection trips, the fault would be expected to be in _______.

#4. In a highly inductive AC circuit, what devised is used to correct the power factor towards unity?

#5. Fixture wire shall not be smaller than #_____.

#6. In other than residential calculations, an ordinary outlet shall be calculated at ______.

#7. With respect to the safety value of insulation on electrical tools, it can be correctly stated that_____.

#8. _____ duty is a type of service where both the load and the time intervals may have wide variations.

#9. The words “thermally protected” appearing on the nameplate of a motor indicates that the motor is provided with a ______.

#10. The connection between the grounded circuit conductor and the equipment grounding conductor all the service is called the _____.

#11. A ____ is an enclosure designed either for surface or flush mounting and provided with a frame, mat, or trim in which a swinging door or doors are or may be hung.

#12. Which of the following is not a factor in calculating the feeder conductor size?

#13. Power in a three phase system may be measured with a minimum of______.

#14. Approved is ______.

#15. A DC voltmeter can be used directly to measure which of the following?

#16. A Clamp-on ammeter will measure ______.

#17. True power is always voltage time’s current ______.

#18. Encased with a material or composition or thickness that is not recognized by the Code as electrical insulation is defined as a covered ______.

#19. Without live parts exposed to a person on the operating side of the equipment is called _____.

#20. Enclosure overcurrrent devices shall be mounted in a _______ position unless in individual instances this is shown to be impracticable and is installed in accordance with 240-81.

#21. The common fuse depends on the principle that the ______.

#22. The ratio of the maximum demand of the system to the total connected load of the system is called the ____ of the system.

#23. The equipment used to measure and compare peak, average, and root-mean- square values on an AC voltage curve is called a ____.

#24. The type letter for moisture-resistant thermoset is _____.

#25. The lubricant used for a motor sleeve bearing would be _____.

#26. Voltage drop in a conductor is _____.

#27. Covered, shielded, fenced or enclosed by means of suitable covers, casings, barriers, rails, screens, mats, or platforms is the definition of _____.

#28. Electrical equipment can be defined as _____. I. fitting II. appliances III. devices IV. Fixtures

#29. For better illumination you would use ______.

#30. The volt-ampere rating in an AC circuit is a way to indicate _____ power.

#31. The conductor used to connect the grounded circuit of a wiring of a wiring system to a grounding electrode is the ______.

#32. An electric circuit that controls another circuit through a relay is a_____ circuit.

#33. A motor control circuit is the circuit of a control apparatus or system that carries the____.

#34. A requirement of service that demands operation for alternate intervals of (1) load no load; or (2) load and rest; or (3) load, no load, and rest is called ____ duty.

#35. A hickey is ________.

#36. A ground is a conducting connection, whether _______or accidental, between an electrical circuit or equipment and the earth, or to some conducting body that serves in place of the earth.

#37. The relationship of a transformer primary winding to the secondary winding is expressed in ______.

#38. Interior location protected from weather but subject to moderate degrees of moisture, such as some basements, some barns, some cold-storage warehouse and like, the partially protected location under canopies, marquees, roofed open porches, and the like, shall be required to have fixtures marked “Suitable for_______ locations.”

#39. When re-routing conduit, it may be necessary to increase the wire size if the distance is considerably greater, in order ______.

#40. The term anode refers to _____.

#41. The ability of a device to open the maximum short or overload at the device, at a particular point in the electrical system is its______ capacity.

#42. Grounding the metallic cover of flexible metal conduit and armored cable, is for protection against ______.

#43. The purpose of locknuts in making electrical connections on studs is to _______.

#44. The current will lag the voltage when ____ is present in the circuit.

#45. The function definition is self-acting, operating by its own mechanism when actuated by some impersonal influence such as _____.

#46. ______ may be connected ahead of the main service switch.

#47. A current-limiting overcurrent protective device is a device which will _____ the current flowing in the faulted circuit.

#48. Readily accessible is________.

#49. In the course of normal operation the instrument which will be least effective in indicating that the generator may overheat because it is overloaded is ______.

#50. A light bulb usually contains _____.




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