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RME Technical Subjects Test 6

#1. Communication, radio, and television coaxial cables shall be permitted at a height of not less than ______ above swimming and wading pools, diving structures, and observation stands, towers, or platforms.

#2. An applicant for Registered Master Electrician Examination must be at least completed _____ for five-year Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program and has Specific record of _______ practice in electrical wiring and installation.

#3. The maximum number of quarter bends in one run of RMC and IMT is ________.

#4. What is the minimum distance of a laundry outlet from the appliances

#5. Where a conduit enters a box, fitting, or other enclosure, a ______shall be provided to protect the wire from abrasion unless the design of the box, fitting, or enclosure is such as to afford equivalent protection.

#6. According to the Philippine Electrical Code.

#7. Receptacle outlets in floors shall not be counted as part of the required number of receptacle outlets unless located within _____ of the wall.

#8. In order to protect a personal and prevent shock, the equipment should be connected good earth ground through the?

#9. The maximum number of outlets permitted on 15- and 20-ampere branch circuits is ______ and ______ outlets, respectively

#10. For a 3-phase, 4-wire delta system with the center of one leg grounded, there are two voltages to ground. For example, on a 240-volt system, two legs would each have 0 lts to un thirdr “highleg,would have ______ volts to ground.

#11. No automatic cutout or switch shall be placed in the equipment _________conductor of a premises wiring system unless the opening of the cutout or switch disconnects all sources of energy.

#12. Equipment that is associated with the electrical installation and is located above or below the electrical equipment shall be permitted to extend not more than ____mm (6 in.) beyond the front of the electrical equipment.

#13. What color must be used to identify an insulated 14 sq mm or smaller grounded conductor?

#14. Cable trays shall ______. I. have side rails or equivalent structural members II. not present sharp edges or burrs III. have suitable strength and rigidity

#15. Power levels range from ______are used for induction heating

#16. Except as elsewhere required or permitted by this Code, live parts of electrical equipment operating at _____volts or more shall be guarded against accidental contact by approved enclosures

#17. Hallway ___________ mm or more must have at least one outlet.

#18. Which of the following receptacle outlet listed below should calculate at 180 volt-ampere? I. one (1) receptacle outlet (1 pair of hot slot) in yoke II. Two (2) receptacle outlet (2 pair of hot slot) in yoke III. Three (3) receptacle outlet (2 pair of hot slot) in yoke

#19. A WYE-DELTA starter for a single voltage three phase SC induction motor would require the connection of a certain number of wires from the motor. How many wires would be needed?

#20. The minimum headroom of working spaces about service equipment, switchboards, panel boards, or motor control centers shall be

#21. The conductor with the highest insulation temperature rating is

#22. Gutters shall be supported throughout their entire length at suitable intervals preferably not exceeding

#23. Sign and outline lighting outlets shall be computed at a minimum of ______ volt-amperes for each required branch circuit

#24. Power levels range from _____are used for induction melting

#25. The minimum clearance of service drops over driveway, alleys, and public roads.

#26. There are situations where derivations from the code requirements are necessary. Before such deviations are made, there must be a written permission from one of the following entities. Which one is this?

#27. A Cable containing 45 conductors has a correction factor of

#28. A transformer rated over 600 volts with a secondary rated over 600 volts, with secondary protection consisting of six circuit breakers. The sum of the ratings of the circuit breakers is not permitted to exceed ________ percent of the rated secondary current.

#29. For a one-family dwelling and each unit of a two-family dwelling that is at grade level, at least one receptacle outlet accessible at grade level and not more than _____ above grade shall be installed at the front and back of the dwelling

#30. The minimum clearance for service drops over sidewalks.

#31. Which of the following is the maximum allowable rating of a permanently connected appliance where the branch overcurrent device is used as the appliance disconnecting means?

#32. What is the MINIMUM feeder load to be used for each 2-wire, small-appliance branch circuit?

#33. Sufficient space shall be provided and maintained about electric equipment to permit ready and safe operation and maintenance of such equipment. Where energized parts are exposed, the minimum clear work space shall not be less than

#34. Raceways on the outside of buildings shall be ______.

#35. Wireways and Busways shall have a support of not less than _________ mm or _________ mm in case of vertical runs.

#36. In open wiring on insulators, support shall be installed on conductors within _________ mm from a tap or splices.

#37. The correct method of measuring the power taken by an AC electric motor is to use a

#38. According to the PEC Code, the minimum insulation level for neutral conductors of residential installations which have solidly grounded systems shall NOT be less than this voltage? Which is this?

#39. Frequencies used for induction melting range from about

#40. Signs which contain incandescent lamp holders shall be marked to indicate the maximum allowable ____ of lamps.

#41. Conductors must have a clearance from windows, porches, fire escapes of not less than;

#42. The width of the working space in front of the electric equipment shall be the width of the equipment or ______whichever is greater. In all cases, the work space shall permit at least a 90-degree opening of equipment doors or hinged panels.

#43. The minimum clearance for service drops over buildings.

#44. Service conductors passing over roof must have a clearance over the roof which they pass of not less than

#45. The lubricant used for sleeve bearings on motors is usually

#46. The following shall be used only for the grounded circuit conductor except for

#47. Code requires that the minimum area exposed surface offered by a plate electrode shall be;

#48. Derating factors do not apply to conductors in nipples having a length not exceeding

#49. This type of fitting is specifically designed to serve as a water drain and air vent while providing positive explosion proof protection.

#50. A single grounding electrode is permitted when the resistance to ground does not exceed;




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