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RME Technical Subjects Test 7

#1. Coatings on which of the following shall be removed at threads, contact points, and contact surfaces or be connected by means of fittings so designed as to make such removal unnecessary in bonding other enclosures for grounding?

#2. If there are 7 current-carrying conductors in a raceway, then the individual ampacity of each conductor must be reduced by which of the following:

#3. Which of the following colors indicates an equipment grounding conductor in a flexible cord?

#4. In switchgear the fr means that

#5. This kind of fuse is so designed to cause the rapid escape of gas when its element blows as a result of high current.

#6. If a motor overheats, it must be due to

#7. The total number of underground conductors for an outside lighting circuit on a single common neutral conductor is which of the following:

#8. 62. If a 480-volt motor has a full-load current of 34 amperes, then the standard disconnecting means must be which of the following:

#9. This is used as a vertical guide and support for groups of cable from their points of origin to the horizontal plane for easy tracing.

#10. The receptacle example listed below which may be connected to a small appliance branch circuit is which of the following:

#11. Fuses must be clearly marked with which of the following:

#12. The largest size regular plug fuse used is rated at

#13. The effective grounding path to ground from circuits, equipment and metal equipment enclosures shall NOT ________

#14. An all-electric home has a laundry area located in a kitchen closet. What is the MINIMUM number of branch circuits serving this kitchen?

#15. Concealed knob-and-tube wiring is not permitted in which of the following applications:

#16. The service disconnection means in a building shall not have more than how many switches or circuit breakers:

#17. In ordering standard cartridge fuses it is necessary to specify only

#18. One of the two plug-fuses in a 120-volt circuit blows because of a short circuit. If a 120-volt lamp is screwed into the fuse socket while the circuit is still shorted, the lamp will

#19. A high school graduate can take the Registered Master Electricians Examination if he/she has subsequent specific record of at least _______ years of apprenticeship in electrical wiring, installations of electrical equipment.

#20. The highest AC transmission line voltage in the Philippines as of June 2004.

#21. This is used as a vertical guide and support for groups of cable from their points of origin to the horizontal plane for easy tracing.

#22. At least _____wall switch-controlled lighting outlet shall be installed in every habitable room and bathroom.

#23. The branch circuit breaker device shall protect all ________.

#24. Which of the following contact point metals has the highest melting point?

#25. A single-family dwelling has three bathrooms each with the following: a lighting fixture, a fan, and one receptacle outlet. In one of the bathrooms, the lighting fixture, fan, and receptacle outlet are installed on a dedicated 20 ampere circuit. For this dwelling, the minimum number of 20 ampere circuits required to serve the bathrooms is which of the following:

#26. The ampacity of a conductor must be derated where the ambient temperature exceeds which of the following:

#27. What is the MINIMUM voltage rating for the grounded conductor in a solidly grounded neutral system of 1 kV or more?

#28. Lightning protection system ground terminals must be bonded to which of the following:

#29. A personnel protection device that de-energizes a circuit when the current to ground exceeds a predetermined value less than required to operate the supply circuit overcurrent protective device is called a ________

#30. Fuse in motor circuits provides

#31. Voltage drop in a uniformly loaded distributor fed at one end is calculated by assuming the whole of the load concentrated at

#32. The favorite newspaper lines which reads “was but due to faulty wiring” means:

#33. Electrical continuity at service equipment shall be assured by all of the following EXCEPT ________.

#34. The most valid objection for not fusing the middle wire of a 3- wire system either a grounded neutral is that

#35. What shall be the minimum size of conductor for signage?

#36. Which of the following is NOT an acceptable method of mounting electrical equipment to a masonry wall?

#37. Overcurrent in transformers affect all of the following EXCEPT.

#38. Open conductors that are not service entrance cables shall not be installed less than which of the following:

#39. The allowable fill of electrical conduits.

#40. The work space for equipment must allow _______ opening of any equipment doors or hinged panels.

#41. When protected solely by enamel, which of the following shall not be installed in outdoor or wet locations:

#42. A circuit breaker that can be closed against a fault and operate at once, although the solenoid mechanism may continue through its closing operation, is said to be

#43. This kind of fuse is so designed to cause the rapid escape of gas when its element blows as a result of high current.

#44. If a transformer vault is not protected by an automatic sprinkler system, then it must have a minimum fire resistance and structural strength of which of the following periods of time:

#45. The neutral conductor in an electrical installation has which of the following qualities:

#46. Plug fuses and fuse-holders shall NOT be used between conductors and the grounded neutral in circuits exceeding how many volts?

#47. Terminals connected to a grounded conductor shall be identified in which of the following ways:

#48. Copper Clad Aluminum wire is different from Aluminum wire in that it

#49. The following wiring method is approved to be installed inside a duct used for vapor removal and ventilation of commercial type equipment:

#50. The normal operating temperatures of cartridge type fuse at its rating;




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