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#1. The number of wattmeter/s necessary to measure the power in the load of a unbalanced 3-phase, 4-wire system is

#2. Inductance and capacitance are not considerations in a DC current for which of the following reasons:

#3. An electrical timer switch for lighting is normally connected in ________ with lighting circuit being controlled.

#4. When reduced to the most nominal component, the smallest element of matter is which of the following:

#5. The specific resistance of a wire depends on ______. I. its length II. its material iii. its cross-sectional area

#6. The usual service conditions under which transformer should be able to carry its rated load are _____. I. at rated secondary voltage or not in excess of 105% of the rated value II. at rated frequency III. temperature of the surrounding cooling air at no time exceeding 400 (1400F) and average temperature of the surrounding cooling air any 24-hour period not exceeding 300C (860F)

#7. Laminations are used in transformers to prevent __________.

#8. A fusestat is different than the ordinary plug fuse because a fusestat ____________.

#9. Of the following _______ is a false statement.

#10. What is the purpose of connecting cells in series?

#11. Three capacitors are in parallel. Their values are 0.0200 μF, 0.0500 μF and 0.10000 μF. The total capacitance is:

#12. Two transmission wires create corona when which of the following exists:

#13. In general, motors are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of ______ unless specifically designed for a higher temperature.

#14. In a dc generator, the purpose of the commutator is to _____.

#15. You should close a knife switch firmly and rapidly as there will be less_______.

#16. To adjust a voltage generated by a constant speed DC generator, you would change the _____.

#17. During one complete rotation of 360 degrees, a three-phase 6-pole AC 34 kVA alternator on a Y-connected system will have how many of the following rotations:

#18. A common fuse and circuit breaker works on the principal that _______.

#19. With respect to the fluorescent lamps, it is correct to state ______.

#20. The short circuit test on a transformer is a test for measuring its ______.

#21. If two equal resistance conductors are connected in parallel, the resistance of the two conductors is equal to_______.

#22. What is the metric size equivalent of 500 MCM?

#23. A shunt generators has an armature current of 100 A and a shunt field current of 3.5 A. What is its output in kW if the terminal voltage is 230 volts?

#24. As the power factor of a circuit is increased ________.

#25. ________ is a self-acting, operating by its own mechanism when actuated by some impersonal influence, as for example, a change in current strength, pressure, temperature, or mechanical configuration.

#26. Which of the following would improve the resistance to earth I. Use multiple ground rods II. Treat the soil III. Lengthen the ground rod

#27. A residential house has a lighting load of 200 W and a small appliance load of 1000 W. If they are used at the same time, what will be the monthly bill at an energy cost of P7.00 per kilowatt-hour?

#28. In a coil, the higher the level of self-inductance:

#29. A fellow electrician is not breathing after receiving an electrical shock, but is no longer in contact with the electricity, the most important thing for you to do is ______.

#30. Which of the following is used to control speed in a DC motor:

#31. A magnetic field is created around a conductor_________.

#32. In sockets, extension cord is protected by means of the __________knot.

#33. Solid wire is preferred instead of a stranded wire in panel wiring because ________.

#34. In an electrical conductor that consists of 16 strands, each with a diameter 0.0837 inches, the area of the conductor would be which of the following:

#35. When stripping insulation from an aluminum conductor ________. I. remove insulation as you would sharpen a pencil II. ring the conductor and slip the insulation off the conductor III. peel the insulation back and then cut outwards

#36. The advantage of cutting a metal rigid conduit with a hacksaw rather than a pipe cutter is _______.

#37. A wrench you would not use to connect rigid metal conduit is a ______ wrench.

#38. Red – Yellow - Gold – Gold indicates a resistance of:

#39. The wheatstone bridge method is used for accurate measurements of _______.

#40. How long a piece of aluminum wire 1.6 mm in diameter is needed to give a resistance of 1.5 ohms? Assume resistivity of aluminum is 2.8 x 10-8 ohm-meter.

#41. The voltage produced by electromagnetic induction is controlled by_________.

#42. Which of the following should be tested to check for voltage to ground:

#43. Continuous duty is _____.

#44. Where the __________ is likely to be high, asbestos insulation on the conductor would be a good choice.

#45. A ____ is a braking system for an electric motor. I. Friction braking II. Plugging III. Dynamic braking

#46. A circuit breaker that has purposely introduced into it a delay in the tripping action and which delay decreases as the magnitude of the current increases is a __________ circuit breaker.

#47. The armature current drawn by any DC motor is proportional to the _______.

#48. A transformer has a primary voltage of 2400 V and a secondary voltage of 120 volts. If there are 40 turns on the primary, the secondary contains _____ turns.

#49. A capacitor performs which of the following functions:

#50. Three-way switching does not use the following conductor:



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