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#1. A method for stopping a polyphase motor quickly by momentarily connecting the motor for reverse rotation.

#2. Which of the following is NOT a safe practice when lifting heavy items?

#3. A generic term for a group of non-flammable synthetic chlorinated hydrocarbons used as electrical insulating media:

#4. Instrument use to measure specific gravity of the liquid in a storage battery.

#5. Two incandescent 100 watt lamps operating for 8 hours at an average electrical energy cost of P8.00 per kilowatt hour will have a total energy cost equal to which of the following?

#6. When skinning a small wire, the insulation should be “penciled down’ rather than cut square to ______.

#7. Tinning rubber insulated twisted cable is done to ____________.

#8. A circuit breaker that has purposely introduced into it a delay in the tripping action and which delay decreases as the magnitude of the current increases is a __________ circuit breaker.

#9. If excessive amounts of metal in or on a building become energized and could be subject to personal contact, which of the following will provide additional safety measures:

#10. If a circuit breaker is installed vertically and the handle is flipped up, then the circuit breaker will be which of the following:

#11. Before using a megger it should be tested by placing the test leads together and turning the crank. What will be the reading to indicate that the leads and megger are in good condition?

#12. A machinery limit switch is used for which of the following purposes:

#13. Who comprises the present Board of Electrical Engineering? I. Rodolfo Peñalosa - Chairman II. Fortunato C. Leynes – Chairman III. Fortunato Leynes - Chairman Jaime Mendoza - Member Francis V. Mapile - Member Edward Mendoza - Member Edward Mendoza - Member Jaime V. Mendoza – Member Francis Mapile – Member

#14. In a dry-type transformer with a primary to secondary turns ratio of 4:1, if the primary is rated at 480 volts, then the secondary voltage will be which of the following?

#15. According the Kirchoff’s current law, electrical current will do which of the following in parallel circuits:

#16. A device used to measure the mechanical output of a motor, or a generator is called

#17. Which of the following is not a file type:

#18. In an electrical conductor that consists of 16 strands, each with a diameter 0.0837 inches, the area of the conductor would be which of the following:

#19. Which of the following forms of electrical equipment is not considered a device?

#20. If the voltage is doubled the ampacity of a conductor ________.

#21. ______ has the highest electrical breakdown strength and the longest life over all other materials used for insulation.

#22. Inductance and capacitance are not considerations in a DC current for which of the following reasons:

#23. Which of the following is used to control speed in a DC motor:

#24. Who shall be the executive officer of the Board of Electrical Engineering and shall also conduct the examination given by the board, as provided in Art. II, Sec 9, of the New Electrical Engineering Law?

#25. A foreman in charge of a crew of men preparing to work on a low voltage tension circuit should caution them to _______.

#26. All wiring must be installed so that when completed ______.

#27. Large squirrel cage induction motors are usually started at a voltage considerably lower than the line voltage to ______.

#28. A fuse under normal load would most likely become hot because of which of the following conditions:

#29. For better illumination you would________.

#30. Which of the following colors of insulation or markings are not allowed to identify hot phase conductors:

#31. Who will accomplish box 2 of Application for Electrical Permit form?

#32. What type of fastener would you use to mount a box to a hollow tile wall?

#33. Which of the following should be tested to check for voltage to ground:

#34. The most important reason for using a condulet-type fitting in preference to making a bend in a one inch conduit is to _____.

#35. Which of the following has the highest electrical resistance:

#36. A rigid conduit connecting to an outlet box should have a __________ .

#37. Electrical motors with the highest voltage rating are used for which of the following purpose(s)?

#38. An applicant for Registered Master Electrician Examination who has completed from a one year electrician/s course or instruction from a vocational or trade school recognized by the Philippine government and in addition, has at least _____ years of apprenticeship after completion of the course of instruction on electrical wiring and installation, operation and maintenance of utilization devices and equipment is qualified to take the exam.

#39. The voltage drop in a line can be decreased by ________. a. increasing the wire size b. increasing the current c. decreasing the load

#40. How do you call a diagram showing the physical location of the components such as coils, contacts, motors and the like in their actual positions?

#41. Two transmission wires create corona when which of the following exists:

#42. When re-routing conduit, it may be necessary to increase the wire size, if the distance is greater in order to ______.

#43. Which of the following terms is used to describe the inductive action, which causes current to flow on the outer surface of a conductor:

#44. In a high-leg delta arrangement on a switchboard with bus bars, phase B would have which of the following:

#45. If a two-wire 230 volt circuit has one grounded conductor and supplies a single-phase 5 horsepower motor, then the required number of overloads is which of the following:

#46. Bonding does which of the following:

#47. The important function of a type S fuse is ________.

#48. Devices are equipment that carry current, but do not perform which of the following functions?

#49. Based on the diagram options below, which figure illustrates a 3-phase electrical system where one ungrounded conductor has a higher voltage to the ground than the other hot conductor?

#50. Which of the following is a characteristic of a wye-connected three-phase alternator?



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