Licensed Electrician in the Philippines? Who are they?


Do you want to hire a Licensed Electrician, but you don’t know who are they?

They are the Registered Master Electrician or also known as “RME”. The only Licensed Electrician in the Philippines. Licensed by the Professional Regulation Commission or PRC. There are no other license electrician, only the Registered Master Electrician or RME. You can verify them on website if they are legit PRC license holder,

What is Registered Master Electrician?

A Registered Master Electrician is a person who qualified and meet the requirements of Republic Act No. 7920 or New Electrical Engineering Law and take the RME board examination conducted by Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines and passed the board examination to become a Registered Master Electrician.

A Registered Master Electrician is knowledgeable in Philippine Electrical Code and Electrical Safety, competent and qualified person who is responsible in Electrical Installation, Maintenance, Wiring, Operation, Repair of Electrical Machinery, Equipment and Devices, in Residential, Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial buildings, in Power plants, Substations, Watercrafts, Electric locomotives, and the like: Provided, that the installation or machinery is not exceeding 600volts or 500KVA.
If the installation or the machinery is rated in excess of five hundred kilovolt-amperes , or in excess of six hundred volts  the work shall be under the supervision of a Professional Electrical Engineer or a Registered Electrical Engineer.

If you need an Electrician find a Registered Master Electrician or RME in your area. Registered Master Electricians renders electricians services and other electrical works.

The Registered Master Electricians is regulated by Professional Regulation Commission and supervised by Board of Electrical Engineering of the Philippines.

And a member of National Organization of Electrical Practitioners, The Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines.


Reference: Republic Act No. 7920
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